Stitch Fix – An Update

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Stitch Fix – I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – I do love getting a box from Stitch Fix in the mail! I’ve been dropping the ball on posting about my Fixes and I’ve really been dropping the ball on taking pictures of myself in the clothes. Oh well; I’ll have to try to do better on both accounts, but this is what I’ve got for this time around – pictures of clothes and descriptions!
I’ve compiled two Fixes in one post – so I’ll start with my Eighth Fix – I asked for a pair of shorts and some tops that could be worn throughout the Summer season. I also asked for some colorful sandals, but they must have been all out of those because there were no shoes in the mix…there was a bag though! I will say – I think somewhere along the way (maybe around my seventh fix…) my stylist changed to a different person and I’m not sure we’ve quite “meshed” yet…
I wonder what I kept…

Fix Eight

Solene Split Back Top ($44.00) – I sadly do not have a picture of this top; fail! It is the most gorgeous navy, coral and white paisley pattern, sleeveless with a split detail in the back. I loved the shirt but the fit was too snug across my chest (surprise…surprise…) and the arm holes were a bit too large. I kept it though – and it’s now in my Mom’s closet.

Leland Embroidery Detail Knit Top ($44.00) – Navy blue eyelet with the cutest stitched motif across the neck; I love this top! The fit is great, it’s very airy for warm summer days and I love a good navy shirt! This one was a keeper!

Terrence Distressed Frayed Hem Bermuda ($48.00) – Jean shorts that are cute and actually fit well? Yes please! I’d asked for a pair of shorts and my stylist really came through here – these shorts are cute, just the right amount of distressing and they fit really well! Of course they were a keeper!

Aliana Contrast Trim Knit Top ($46.00) – This top is white with thing navy stripes and red contrast trim at the sleeves and neck. It’s lightweight and I love anything and everything that is slightly nautical, so this one was a real winner for me! Bonus points because it’s lightweight enough for summer wear and will make a great layering piece in the fall and winter! Another keeper!

Anchorage Striped Canvas Tote ($64.00) – I didn’t ask for a bag but I fell in love with this bag from the minute I pulled it out of the box! Navy and white stripes with a tan leather detail on the front and handles; the bag is large and roomy, has multiple pockets and is well made. It’s easy to carry and I can see it being so functional for flying and just traveling in general – this was a big hit with me! Another keeper!

The Milden Lace Detail Blouse & Aliana Contrast Trim Knit Top – both cute – only one was a keeper!

So – Fix Eight wasn’t a complete win – but I did end up keeping everything because it was less expensive to do that! As with every Fix, you get your $20 styling fee off anything you decide to keep and if you choose to keep all five items, you will get 25% off as well! I also had a $30 credit from a Stitch Fix Gift Card (shout out to my Momma!) and so all five pieces actually ended up only being $139.00! I really think you can’t beat that! 

The Leland Embroidery Knit Detail Top & the Shalley Split Neck Blouse – both keepers!

Fix Nine

Finnegan Printed Cuffed Short ($58.00) – I really loved these shorts and the cute pattern…they fit well and were actually pretty comfortable; but I know my personal comfort level, and I honestly just didn’t know if I’d ever wear them. *sigh* So I sent them back!

Shalley Split Neck Blouse ($48.00) – This blouse…oh my goodness. The colors absolutely pop off this top; hot pink and navy, two colors that you can never go wrong with! I love how flowy this top is; it will pair well with dress clothes or can be dressed down…and a part of me really wants some white jeans to rock with it! I fell in love with this piece as soon as I pulled it out of the package and so of course, it was a keeper!

Milden Lace Detail Blouse ($44.00) – A gorgeous shirt; so beautiful and with such intricate lace detailing, it was gorgeous and fit just perfectly. However, I felt like it was really too similar to the navy shirt I received in my eighth fix and I just don’t think I need two shirts that are SO alike! So I sent this back as well! 

Lillie Cuffed Denim Short ($58.00) – Another pair of shorts…and what’s more, another pair of shorts that fit! These shorts were adorable and fit well but yet again I was coming up with the same thought: I got a pair of shorts almost just like these in fix number eight and I just don’t think I’ll get the wear out of two pair of jean shorts! So…say it with me now…I sent these back!

Bessie Knit Maxi Dress ($58.00) – This dress is almost impossible to see in the picture above; oops! It was made from a gray and white striped jersey material and it just did absolutely nothing for me. It fit but it definitely did not flatter! It clung to all the wrong things, accentuated the parts that no woman wants to accentuate and yep – this went back in the mailing envelope pretty much immediately!

The Finnegan Printed Cuffed Short & Lillie Cuffed Denim Short – they both went back!

Fix Nine was almost a complete bust – I guess you win some and you lose some, right? The only item I kept was the Shalley Split Neck Blouse because I just could not pass up that gorgeous bright blue and pink! I obviously didn’t get the 25% off, but I did get the $20 styling fee toward my purchase, so I got the top for $28.00! Not bad at all!

All the goodies I kept! 
Obviously with any service like Stitch Fix, there is always a gamble – you are letting someone you’ve never met choose clothes for you based on your online profile. However, my experience as a whole has always been great and that’s why I keep scheduling the next Fix. There is just something so fun about arriving home to find that cute teal and white box sitting on the porch and wondering what might be inside! 
I think everyone should try Stitch Fix at least once and if you have never given it a try and would like to, please feel free to use my link, which I’ve shared below – knowing that I will get a bit of credit if you sign up for your first fix through my link! I think any lady can appreciate that, right?
Also – Stitch Fix isn’t just for the ladies – they have also started Stitch Fix for Men! If you have a man in your life that hates to shop, this would be the perfect chance to get five potential wardrobe pieces without having to set foot outside of your house (I mean…you may have to step out on the porch to get the box…). What can I say? I love Stitch Fix and I bet if you gave it a try, you would too!

Such an awesome bag!

My Stitch Fix Link:

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