Watson Wednesday

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My little pup – chief napper and securer of the best spots to curl up – he sure does make me laugh with his funny ways. Always sure to seek out the top of the pillow heap as the place where he wants to take his nap.

Most days I think he is scared of his shadow…but then there are other days (like today) that he gets upset with me because I won’t let him race across the street to “attack” the neighbors golden retrievers and protect the entire neighborhood from their scourge. When that happens, he won’t look at me – I guess he’s too disappointed in me to even meet my eyes.

He can almost always be found on the deck these days – curled up in a ball on the couch, taking a snooze…or maybe even stretched across the hot (to me at least) planks of the deck, soaking in the sunlight. 
My little boo is having a little spot of surgery on Friday morning. He’s had a growth in his mouth for a while now, but it recently started to grow and the vet thought it would be best if it was removed. It’s nothing “major” but he will be put to sleep and of course, my pet momma heart is all aflutter. 
He sure does make me smile and I hope that soon his little smile will be back to normal!

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