Five on Friday

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Short Work Week/July Fourth – I am never one to complain about a short work week…but July Fourth being on a Tuesday has scrambled my brain y’all! My office closed on Monday at 12:00 and when we returned on Wednesday morning…I spent most of the day thinking it was Monday! I’m still not 100% convinced that today is Friday…ha-ha!
We celebrated the Fourth in an extremely (in my humble opinion) “American” fashion – catching a baseball game at Nationals Park! Delicious BBQ and a bright blue snowball (hence the super patriotic tongue) were part of the fun and my Nationals won – which is always grand! We rounded out our evening with snacks and fireworks put on by some family friends. It was a wonderful (if really warm) day! 

Sunshine – As in…it’s been raining since Tuesday night and today the sun has finally broken through the clouds! It’s the little things and let me tell you..some sunshine is a little thing that goes a long way!

Beauty & the Beast – I know what you’re thinking (if you read this blog with any frequency)…how many times can you watch that movie?? Well dear reader; I am not referencing the wonderful film(s) with this post. My Mom and I will be going to watch the Shenandoah University theater department put on a performance of Beauty and the Beast tonight and I can’t wait! I’ve seen the animated film and the live action film both too many times to count, I’ve seen the stage show at Hollywood Studios more than once (or twice) but I’ve never seen an actual theatrical performance! I completely missed Beauty and the Beast when it was on Broadway (*tear*) but perhaps this will be close enough?
Spider-Man Homecoming – Another Marvel Universe movie is coming out this weekend and I’ll be making my way to the theater to see it on Saturday night. I’m going with my friend Jennie and her son Jimmy; I think we’ve seen every Marvel movie that has come out together since I moved to Virginia in 2014! I’ve always enjoyed Spider-Man…but the version with Tobey Maguire and even Andrew Garfield always seemed to lack a certain…something. I’ve heard good things and I definitely thought Spidey stole the show in Civil War – so perhaps this telling of Spider-Man will have just the right stuff!
Nationals Baseball – It’s been a week for the Nationals…there were some wins, a postponed game (because of rain) and a lost game that was played three hours late (because of…no wait, the rain never came…). The Nationals beat the Mets on July Fourth and that was especially lovely to me because…well…the Mets are one of the Nationals biggest rivals. I’d also actually never watched the Nationals play the Mets and I was dearly hoping (as I do at every Nationals game) that we’d win. The Braves are in town for the weekend and then it’s All-Star Week! 
The Nationals have five All Stars this year: Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg, Ryan Zimmerman, Daniel Murphy and Bryce Harper! Go Nationals!
And – that’s all I’ve got for this edition of Five on Friday! As always, I’m linking up with April over at Smidge of This! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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