I Promise I Do More Than Just Sitting on the Deck

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I mean – perhaps I don’t do a *LOT* more – but I’m betting you wouldn’t either if you had a wonderful deck to sit on and (sometimes) gentle breezes blowing down off the mountains. It’s a pretty sweet set-up, there’s no denying it.
All he does is sit…and lay…and sleep…on the deck.
Summer nights – under the twinkle lights.

The weeks seem to pass so quickly – the routine of the day to day manages to be both the same and different. Sleep, work, exercise, meals and more…the routine stays the same but the little moments here and there make the difference. Monday afternoon when I got off work, I rushed home to spruce up my little “home”; we had some unexpected visitors pop in on Monday afternoon – unexpected but so welcome! Our longtime friends the Mabrys popped in with their youngest son Ryan and Hope’s mother Stella en route to Baltimore to see their new grandson for the first time. We grilled, sat around on the deck (of course) and caught up – it was so wonderful to see sweet friends – and the supper wasn’t bad either!

Definitely one of those little moments that pops up in the midst of the routine and makes all the difference!

Watching the Nationals play through the window…sitting on the deck…ha-ha!
“Chatting” with his favorite Aunt (also his only Aunt…)

Thursday evening was another switch in the routine; there was a barbecue at the clubhouse on the lake where my parent’s house is – and so we all went up to the clubhouse to meet other neighbors and eat some pretty delicious. Although I do have to say; I wasn’t sure that it was really possible to mess up macaroni and cheese, but they did do that. *sigh* They put mushrooms in the macaroni and cheese and y’all – I am not a fan of mushrooms – and it just really skewed the flavor. Oh well, lesson learned there.

After our BBQ adventure, we video chatted with Lindsey and nailed down our decisions for dining at Disney World – and y’all, if that’s not exciting…I don’t know what is! Can I just tell you, I am so psyched about eating at Be Our Guest and getting blue cheesecake from Satu’li Canteen that I cannot even handle it. I know…I’m thirty-two…but I will always be a completely starry eyed child when it comes to going to Disney World!

A Friday afternoon visitor – and a rather messy photo…but oh well!
Thoroughly enjoying his Saturday morning ride in the car.

In upcoming “little moments” that change things up – my sweet pup has to have surgery in the coming weeks and while he is completely oblivious to the whole thing, I have to admit that I’m ever so slightly nervous. My sweet boy has a little growth in his mouth (you can see it in the picture above) and it’s been growing…and while the vet thinks it’s likely harmless, it is becoming a bit of a pain for the little fellow and so he’s going to have it removed. It’s a small surgery but he does have to be put under anesthesia and because he’s “older” he also has to have some tests on his heart and kidneys pre-operation. My pet momma heart is anxious but I know the little stinker will be okay – and have a much easier time eating after he gets this taken care of.

Not that he’s ever seemed to struggle with chowing down on anything and everything put in front of him!

Bubble bath colors all awhirl…
Giving up & just flopping out in the yard…silly dog.

I did a lot…and a lot of nothing over the weekend. I was on my own and I always enjoy that; it’s always an adjustment going from living on your own to living with your parents again, I love them but I also love having the entire house to my self, ha-ha! After an emergency mission to take my Mom her cell phone on Saturday morning, I started the sixth season of Game of Thrones – my re-watch mission is almost complete, got in an hour of exercise on the elliptical and washed clothes. Watson and I took a couple short strolls around the block – it was HOT on Saturday and all Watson seemed interested in doing outside was using the bathroom and then promptly flinging himself down on the grass to soak up the sun.

My friend Katie came over Saturday night for supper and to catch up – she’s seven and a half months pregnant and so ended up spending a good amount of time trying to get her little guy to wiggle around so I could feel him. We ate some delicious (if I do say so myself) red beans and rice, tossed salad and garlic bread before having an hour long chat session on the deck (thank goodness for that umbrella) and playing Disney tunes and classical compositions in an effort to get the baby to “dance”. After a short walk with the dog, some chatter with the next door neighbors and a slice of Butterfinger Icebox pie, I was finally able to feel the little guy busting a move! Very cool indeed!

Taking a Saturday afternoon nap…
He only likes his back half to be in the sunshine.

I slept in on Sunday (if you consider 7:30 sleeping in…) and made a Target run around lunchtime to grab some essentials for the week ahead. Watson and I had lunch out on the deck and I’m so glad there was a breeze; I love being out on the deck but I don’t like to sweat while I eat! I passed Sunday afternoon reading, watching a movie (Victor Frankenstein – starring James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe) and taking walks with the pup! After a dinner of leftovers, a bubble bath, some time spent watching my Nationals beat the Cardinals and a final episode of Game of Thrones, the weekend was at a close yet again!

Sunday dinner on the deck!

The best part of this Monday – in the work week sense – is that it’s not quite noon and my workday is almost done! My four day weekend involved this brief interlude at the office and then I’m back to enjoying the sunshine on the deck with my sweet pup! We do more than sit on the deck – but not much more.Β 

And why would you want to do much more when sitting on the deck is so wonderful?

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