What I was Into – June

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Say this with me now – this year is halfway over! HALFWAY. Done…complete…are you kidding me?

Books I Couldn’t Put Down

The King’s Curse by Phillipa Gregory – This book is the sixth and final book in the Plantagenet and Tudor series; I finally was inspired to finish this after The White Queen ended and I wanted just a bit more… The book follows Margaret Pole and chronicles the rise to the throne of Henry the 8th, as told through the eyes of Margaret. While Margaret helped raise young Henry and was the head of household for his daughter; Princess Mary, once the King’s paranoia took hold later in his reign – she was in as much danger as any citizen of England. The book wasn’t a quick read, but was very engrossing and I love most everything Phillipa Gregory writes!
Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling – The fourth of the seven books in the Harry Potter series; I’ve read this book more than once and it’s been sitting on my nightstand waiting to be re-read again. It’s still just as wonderful as I remember it being the first time…magical; if you will.

Books on the Shelf

I am still trying to make a dent in all those books I purchased ages ago..y’all; I’m not even kidding…

Must See TV

Fargo – The third season of Fargo finished up it’s run this month and while I enjoyed the third season and especially enjoyed seeing Ewan McGregor play two characters..the third season didn’t have quite the same…attraction…as the first and second seasons. David Thewlis (hey Professor Lupin) was great as the shadowy and villainous V.M. Varga and Mary Elizabeth Winstead was wonderful as Nikki Swango but for me; Carrie Coon completely stole the show. Her fierce and undeterred performance as police chief Gloria Burgle was the best aspect of the third season – a season I enjoyed – just not quite as much as the first two! 
Emmett or Ray?
Movies of the Month

Wonder Woman – I cannot say how much I loved this movie! It was incredible and also incredibly empowering. I’ve long been a huge DC/Superman fan…but always thought the recent string of DC films were a bit too dark. Wonder Woman stood out and stole the show in Batman VS Superman and her own movie was long overdue. The movie is funny, heart-warming, entertaining, empowering and above all – it is just really cool to see a girl kicking ass! (pardon my language) Also – how much do I love Chris Pine for playing the dude in distress? This movie is excellent – a must see if you haven’t taken to the time to do so!
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice gif movie batman action GIF

Binge Worthy

Game of Thrones – The seventh season of Game of Thrones is taking ages to get here…the show usually premieres in late March/early April and would have already wrapped up by now, but this year it doesn’t premiere until mid-July! I decided in the six weeks leading up to the premiere that I’d re-watch the previous six seasons and I’m already discovering things I missed in my initial viewing of the show! Game of Thrones is so elaborate, detailed and excellently acted – a binge re-watch is always wonderful and rewarding! There’s a reason this show is one of my favorites!
Game of Thrones game of thrones battle sword horses GIF

Tasty Treats

I honestly haven’t eaten too many absolutely delicious things this past month – the whole “diet and exercise” makes the truly gluttonous things a bit off limits. However, I did have some divine coconut lime sorbet from Ice Cream Jubilee on one of the hottest days of the year so far and I treated myself to some yummy cannoli on Father’s Day…followed by plenty of time spent on the elliptical, of course!


I’ve been listening to the Game of Thrones soundtracks from the previous six seasons…and honestly, I’ve been making my way through the mounds of podcasts piling up on my phone! There may or may not still be some Beauty and the Beast soundtrack popping up here and there as well! Ha-ha!

What I’m Looking Forward To

July Fourth at Nationals Park – This needs no elaborating; it’s baseball combined with a day off work combined with celebrating America! What more could a person want…besides a Nationals win; that is.
And honestly – there is (right now) nothing else planned for the month of July! I can’t quite believe that, but I’m sure something will pop up! There is just too much to do in Northern VA to sit still all month long, ha-ha!

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