Watson Wednesday

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Will every picture of Watson from now on involve the deck? I mean – as long as the weather is warm; I’d say that’s fairly likely. I’ve never seen a creature be so happy to be in one spot as Watson is when he’s on the deck. However; the back yard is getting a fence within the next month and that will probably elevate his happiness…so maybe from here on out all of his pictures will involve the deck or backyard?
Regardless – this week’s pictures have a story with them. When the deck was being built, I noticed that if I sat in a certain position along the left side of the deck, I could see through the living room window and had a near perfect view of the television. I surmised that this would allow me to sit on the deck and still watch the Nationals game on the TV…and my Mom informed me that I was nuts.
Fast forward to last night when the Nationals were playing the Cubs and my silly pup wanted to go outside and sit on the deck at 9:15 at night. I let him out but he wasn’t interested in sitting outside on the deck couch alone…he wanted me to sit with him. I opened the curtains back up, went outside and found the perfect spot on the couch for seeing the TV..and then we were set. He hopped up beside me, gazed at the stars, snapped at passing bugs and generally enjoyed the evening while I watched the Nationals beat the Cubs.
It was what one might call a win-win situation…for everyone involved. Including the Nationals! 😉

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