A Whole Lot of Nothing

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Time is a strange thing; it’s constant and yet, I feel like the weekend passed much faster because I did a whole lot of nothing, ha-ha! I suppose it’s not exactly an accomplishment that I can admit that I managed to binge the entire fourth season of Game of Thrones over the weekend, right?

Let me not get ahead of myself – the week comes before the weekend – although I didn’t particularly do very much during the week either. My early morning routine has changed a bit (exciting stuff here – I know) because I spend most of the hour that I allot for sipping my first cup of coffee now includes “chatting” with my little sister.
It should be noted; out of the nine pictures in this post, seven were taken on the deck. I think it’s safe to say that the deck has quickly morphed into the best “room” of the house.
My little love relaxing on the rug.
Yes please – such beautiful colors. I’m like a kid when it comes to make-up!

The best way to spend a Wednesday morning – no doubt.

The work week was a bit slow – there is (happily) not a lot going on at the office right now and it’s nice to take the lax weeks and enjoy them while they last. It does make the days creep along a little bit…but granted; it’s nice to not be so busy that the day blazes by. A large(ish) chunk of my evenings are spent slaving away on the elliptical – something I’ve come to find I enjoy more than loathe. I guess being consistent with it now for 9+ weeks helps cement the habit and make it less annoying. Watching the weight on the scale drop each week certainly makes it less annoying too…

Making a pretty good case for lying on the deck all day long…

Thursday night skies…*sigh*
Game of Thrones Night @ Nationals Park

The weekend began wonderfully enough – Danielle and I made our way into DC for Game of Thrones night at Nationals Park. I’ll elaborate more on the game in another post (so many pictures y’all) but the getting there and getting back was an adventure! We were in a race against time getting there after some snags at the office; we’d thankfully decided to go the no bag route & crammed everything into wallet-style phone cases. This worked brilliantly, we were able to jump in the no bag line, grab our giveaway shirts and jump in the line to take our picture with the Iron Throne – when we joined the line it was a 25 minute wait. I don’t even want to know how long the wait was once we finished! Eek!

The return trip home was filled with overly crowded metro trains, time spent sitting on the tracks due to “single tracking” of the trains…at 10:30 at night, overly excited and sleepy children and finally…finally we made it back to the house! The game was wonderful, it was a great time…but I was so glad to see my bed at almost 1:00 AM!

Saturday – hiding from the rays of sunshine…

Sunset snooze on Saturday night.

The rest of the weekend was a bit of a bust…I was under the weather and so I did what anyone not feeling their best did: I binge watched the entirety of the fourth season of Game of Thrones, took more naps in the middle of the day than I have in months, and generally was just a complete bum. It seemed like every time I looked at the clock, I was shocked by how quickly time seemed to be passing – apparently time flies even if you aren’t necessarily having fun!

Sunday sunshine.

So – another week and weekend come and gone. I don’t know how your Monday is going, but so far mine has been just fine and the sky looks just as blue today as it did yesterday (see above picture). Here’s hoping more gorgeous days and less lazy weekends are on the horizon!

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