Five on Friday

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Weekend – Yes Please! It’s time for Five on Friday!

Nationals Baseball – I’m starting this post with my beloved Nationals! This week was a bit of a bust for the Nationals; they only won one of the four games they played…*sigh*…but the Nationals still have a record of 43 – 29 and have a nine game lead in the National League East Division. Max Scherzer carried a no-hitter into the eighth inning on Wednesday and while the game didn’t end in the Nationals favor; the skill and prowess of Max Scherzer is undeniable and I love getting to watch this guy (and the rest of the Nationals) play the game!
Game of Thrones Night @ Nationals Park – is tonight! My friend Danielle and I are headed into DC to enjoy baseball with a side of Game of Thrones goodness! The iron throne will be at the ballpark, so hopefully we’ll get to take a quick snap on the spiky seat that keeps everyone in Westeros up in arms. And of course, there is an awesome t-shirt that is being given out to the first 20,000 fans through the gates…so here’s hoping we make the cut! 

The Beauty & the Beast Collection from Lorac – I think I have made it pretty plain that I love anything and everything to do with Beauty & the Beast. I have been holding on to an Ulta gift card for months and when I discovered that Ulta had a collection from Lorac of Los Angeles that was themed around Beauty & the Beast – I knew what to use my gift card on! The collection has an eye shadow palette, a blush palette, a lipstick collection and a gloss collection; I didn’t splurge and get every piece but I did snap up the eye shadow palette and the gloss collection.

I haven’t tried out any of the shadows yet but the packaging is to die for – a beautiful gold “book” case with 16 shadows inside with names like “Beast Mode” (a navy blue), “Enchanting” (a soft gold) and “Spell Breaker” (a sparkly shadow) – I can’t wait to try them out! The glosses go on smooth and don’t leave your lips feeling sticky, which is a huge plus. So far my favorite it “savior faire”, an almost nude color with just a hint of pink! I love it all!
Weekend Plans – My plans for the weekend don’t extend past the baseball game tonight, ha-ha! And I absolutely have no problem with that! I am looking forward to sleeping in (if I can…) and maybe catching up on some movies that I’ve missed over the past few months? My sister tells me Passengers is good; so maybe I’ll watch that? I like having nothing and no agenda…I can get up to anything and nothing, ha-ha!
What to Watch – Well, Fargo officially ended on Wednesday night and I am officially down to nothing to watch besides baseball! I am planning to check out the show Will when it comes on TNT in about a month and Game of Thrones seventh season begins on July 16th, but there is really nothing else on the horizon until September. Any suggestions?
And that’s all I’ve got for this week – so until next time, I hope everyone has a good weekend!

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