When You Wish Upon A Star….

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…makes no difference how much moneys in your car… Wait. What? That doesn’t seem right…
When you wish upon a star – your dreams come true! That sounds a bit better, ha-ha! If you are a long time blog reader, you’ll know that at present my younger sister is currently on an all expense paid vacation to the sandbox…courtesy of the US military. A couple months before she left on her trip, we jokingly said that we’d love to go to Disney World once she returned…it was just an idea tossed around in jest. Until it wasn’t!
As my sister and I have gotten older, we like to focus not so much on giving things as gifts…preferring instead to give experiences. Case in point – for Christmas in 2015, my family went to London. A trip I will never forget and precious memories that can never be taken from me; I wouldn’t trade that for the world. After some discussion, we decided that this year for Christmas we’d just prefer to enjoy one another’s company and to start the new year, we’d go to Disney World.
The trip – the experience – will be a gift that we can all share. Everyone will pay for meals (I’ve offered to fund our experience at Be Our Guest…only a few more weeks until we can book our reservation!) and we will have a week to spend together in the happiest place on Earth. I know we are all looking forward to it…my sister and I maybe a bit more than our parents…but then again, we’ve always been nuts about anything and everything related to Disney – so that shouldn’t be much of a surprise.
I’ll share bits and pieces of our travel plans as I count down the months (and eventually weeks and days) to our Disney vacation, but one thing I am looking forward to more than anything? Going to Florida in January as opposed to July or August – this may be the first time I go to Disney and don’t melt!

In case you were wondering – the video above is where the reference to start the post was pulled from! Of course…of course, it involves the stars of Beauty and the Beast! What did you expect?

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