Of Dogs & Decks…

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Monday – always so good to arrive right on time! A storm is rolling in; a storm that’s been on it’s way for days, so I figured pecking away at the key while the clouds roll in, the sky flashes and the thunder cracks is as good a way to pass the time as any.

Weekends are always much too short and I can’t help but feel that way on this Monday too. The past work week was hectic, the weekend was lovely but passed much too quickly and now another week begins.

Heaven on Earth perhaps?
Tuesday afternoon relaxation with my favorite furball.

I do have to say that having an absolutely glorious deck to relax on has really made the weeknights that much more wonderful. There always seems to be a nice breeze coming from nearby mountains and so lying out on the deck with my sweet pup is a new favorite way to pass the evenings. It’s also a plus that I can see the Nationals game on the television through the kitchen window, ha-ha! One must have their priorities in order – and if I can watch Ryan Zimmerman smash a baseball while enjoying a gentle breeze on the cozy outdoor couch – that’s a lot of win in one sentence.

Marshmallow skies….
Spying on the neighbors – nosy little goose.
He’s definitely a sun worshiper.
In his favorite place – because the entirety of the deck is his favorite place.

I suppose the title of the post is fairly self-explanatory. My dog absolutely despised the deck while it was being built; the sounds of construction absolutely terrified him to no end, but now that it’s complete – well, it’s the place that makes him happiest. He wants to sit on the deck early in the morning, throughout the afternoon and as the sun sets. The little fella moves from the rug to the couch to the umbrella stand and even creeps under the table from time to time – so long as he’s on the deck, he really is content to sit most anywhere.

The weekend passed much too quickly – it seems like when there is nothing to do the weekend flies by…and when the calendar is full; well, the weekend still flies by! Friday night was lazy and lovely – I passed the time re-watching some Game of Thrones and of course; watching my Nationals play baseball.
I spent most of Saturday enjoying my sweet Momma’s company – we went to get long overdue pedicures together, enjoyed some ice cream and stopped by a couple of our favorite shops – a wonderful way to spend an afternoon! I passed a lazy evening watching Nationals baseball, an episode or two of Game of Thrones and finishing the evening lying under the twinkling lights of the deck umbrella, watching a movie on my phone. It was pretty divine.

Saturday sunset as seen through the houses…

Sunday was a full and wonderful day – I joined my parents for church since it was Father’s Day – I spent the majority of the service doing some long overdue baby snuggling. I spent almost every Sunday snuggling Evie’s big sister Amelia; however I go to a different church now, so I have to make up for the lack of Evie’s snuggles whenever I can! Once the church service was over, we had a delicious lunch at Carrabba’s and then headed back to the house to change and pick up my pup!

Sweet smiles & snuggles!

We roamed around the countryside a bit – my Dad wanted to snap some pictures to mimic some postcards he has – and of course, Watson enjoyed every minute of riding in the car and exploring new and interesting places. I was interested in trying to get him to explore from the shade – it was a blazing 93 degrees on Sunday afternoon…but Watson is never interested in staying out of the sun! We stopped at Belle Grove Plantation and the Old Mill before heading back home to talk with my little sister and let my Dad open his gifts!

Red Barn + Blue Skies = pretty perfect
Gorgeous lilies, defying the summer swelter!
Belle Grove Plantation
A perfect picture made just a little more perfect – hi pup!

I closed the evening with some time spent on the elliptical, a quick supper on the back deck, a bubble bath and some reading in bed. Another week and weekend come and gone. Memories made and days spent – and another week to do it all over again.

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