Five on Friday

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One of the most glorious days of the week has arrived! Is that maybe being a little dramatic – I certainly think not! Anyone who works for a living will agree; Friday is the greatest…and Friday at 5:00 is the most great, ha-ha!


Beauty & the Beast – In honor of the live action movie coming out on DVD this past Tuesday (yes – I went out and purchased it immediately)…this meme cracks me up. Looking past the fact that it completely eschews the entire theme of the movie; it’s hilarious. 


Disney Countdown – The countdown for our Disney vacation is on! The official sign that the countdown is on arrived in the mail this week and it brought with it all the hype! The most magical booklet arrived mid-week and contained pictures, details of our visit to Disney and most importantly…the dates that are important for reserving dinner reservations and fast passes! There are 210 days to go!
This book is small – but it’s magical.


Weekend Plans – Another weekend filled with wonderful things to do; I love it! Tonight I’m headed into the Shenandoah National Park to watch the sun set…and watch the moon rise; because the moon tonight is a strawberry moon! I’m not entirely sure what that means, but there will be picnic food and gorgeous views…so what’s not to love?
Saturday I’ll be doing my very favorite activity – sleeping in! I’m not sure what the day itself will hold, but relaxing on the brand new deck seems like a nice idea… I’ll be reveling in more amazing mountain views and spending time with my sweet friend Katie, having delicious dinner and catching up.
Sunday morning we’ll be heading into DC for the day to peruse a museum or two (always be a tourist – even if you’ve lived somewhere all your life…) before grabbing lunch and heading over to Nationals Park to watch the Nationals take on the Rangers for the afternoon. Sunday sounds like it will be a splendid day and the weekend as a whole sounds wonderful! I can’t wait to get the weekend underway!


Nationals Baseball – June is off to a wonderful start; the Nationals are 5-2 on the month, Ryan Zimmerman is still crushing baseballs right and left and if last night’s game against the Orioles was any indication…Trea Turner is starting to perform a little more to form. He stole three bases in just two innings; talk about turning on the after burners! I can’t wait to be at the park again on Sunday afternoon to take in a Nationals game! 


Final Thought – Another meme I stumbled on and absolutely loved this week, so I’ll end my post with it.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend – I certainly intend to! 

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