Same Old, Same Old…

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Another week – another week with not much to report; the weekend was really where the action was and I’ve got pictures aplenty of that, but they are for another post on another day. So here’s a quick recap of the past week in pictures…that are mostly of my sweet dog!
Mondays are exhausting…even the dog agrees!
A little Tuesday night baseball watching – Watson is a big Nationals fan too!

It rained…and rained…and rained…every single day last week. Every day dawned gray and dreary, the temperature hovered around the upper 50’s to lower 60’s and the sky dripped and dropped throughout the day. Friday morning dawned clear and blue but it was just a fake out – within an hour the rain had started again! Thankfully the sun finally came out on Friday afternoon and stayed out for longer than thirty minutes; I felt like I’d forgotten what it looked like…and so of course, I had to snap a picture of the blue skies for posterity. 

I think this thing is the sun??
The face he makes when he realizes my suitcase is out…
A high seas adventure on Friday night – seeing the newest installment of Pirates of the Caribbean.
Taking a ride to the kennel on Saturday morning…

As you can see – the past week wasn’t exactly riveting. There was a small bit of diversion on Wednesday afternoon; I went and got my hair done! Otherwise, it was the same old week – coffee, work, more coffee, home to exercise and have dinner, watch some Nationals baseball, sleep…repeat!

Stay tuned for some more interesting (at least in my humble opinion…) posts later in the week!

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