Five on Friday

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Oh happy day! Friday that is; I think we all know that’s what I’m talking about. I have a theory that four day weeks are somehow longer than an actual five day week – thoughts? I’m not sure what causes this phenomenon but I swear to you, it’s the truth!

One. Bobby Flay Corn – So…last Friday Lindsey and I ate at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill and while every single thing we ate was beyond delicious; hands down the best thing we ate was Bobby Flay’s version of Mexican Street Corn, henceforth called “Bobby Flay Corn”. Confession – I DO NOT eat corn but I inhaled this! It was creamy, a little spicy with a slight sweetness, the crunch of the corn…just typing this is making my mouth water…and I’m typing about corn! I’ve been scouring Pintrest for a recipe that might come close – here’s hoping I’ll find a winner, because I need more!
Image may contain: food
Terrible picture – but you can see the corn. And it’s the best!
Two. Summer Travel Plans – My family and I have been batting around ideas of where we might want to go for a long weekend (or two) this summer; we had a rather big vacation planned in late October and that has since changed (more on that in part three)…and so now we are planning to do a couple three day weekend type trips. I think right now the main contender is a long weekend in Ocean City, Maryland with a side trip to Assateague Island to see the ponies! I’m not sure what else we will get up to…but the reason the big vacation was changed…. 
Yahoo for the beach!
Three. We are going to Disney World – in January! I know…I know…that’s a little ways away (231 days to be exact) but I am beyond excited! I may be an adult but there is something about Disney that has a way of exciting me like nothing else; it truly is (for me) the happiest place on Earth! I love everything about the magic, fairy tales and fantasy and I cannot wait to go again! I’m especially excited to check out Pandora; which will have been open eight months by the time we arrive. I’m not 100% sure what Avatar has to do with Disney…but it all looks pretty cool to me!
Four. Blogs I Love – I think I’ve mentioned these two before…because I link up with them every week for Five on Friday, but it you’re ever looking for a blog or two to read I would definitely suggest checking out Carolina Charm and A Smidge of This. I love them both and enjoy reading them so much! 
Five. Nationals Baseball – Well…the Nationals still have one of the best records in baseball at 25-15 and while this week hasn’t been a poor baseball week, it hasn’t been a stellar baseball week either. As of this writing, the Nationals have played four games this week (they had Monday off)…they won two and lost two. The most disheartening aspect of the two losses were that they came at the hands (bats?) of the Pittsburgh Pirates, who are last place in their division and have one of the worst records in baseball. In short – the bullpen is a dumpster fire! The Nationals will be spending the weekend in Atlanta before having a day off on Monday and then visits to Nationals Park by the Seattle Mariners and the San Diego Padres; I’ll be at the game (Star Wars Day) on Saturday the 27th!
That’s all I’ve got for this Friday – and I honestly had trouble coming up with those three in between! Gosh, isn’t that sad? I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to a lazy Friday night, sleeping in on Saturday and just doing nothing! Happy weekend!

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