Weekend Wanderings – Part One

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It’s Thursday – I definitely intended to be on the blog again before today – but this week has; for some really weird reason, just gone by in a flash…and not necessarily in a bad or good way…just, whoosh. The week has been full in the best way, but at 5:00 today – my three day weekend starts and I cannot wait.
Is it sad that I’ve been daydreaming about putting nice new sheets on my bed, curling up in the bed tonight and reading until I fall asleep and knowing that I do not have to set an alarm?? Is that dream so wrong? If that dream is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Ha!
Now that I’ve made my peace (is it piece??) about this crazy week (thus far), let me go back in time to the past weekend. My younger sister came home on Thursday the 27th and was in town for almost an entire week, which meant that for our long planned weekend in Williamsburg, I had my best buddy and partner in crime! Cue all the praise hands!
As an Administrative Professionals Day “gift”, my boss closed the office early on Friday and so we headed for coastal Virginia around 3:30 on Friday afternoon. Our first stop when we arrived in Williamsburg was to get supper at a really unique restaurant called Food for Thought – I chose this spot as a dinner celebration for my upcoming raise (yahoo upward motion at the job!) and the food did not disappoint! The restaurant is decorated with quotes from famous thinkers, literary icons and revolutionaries from history – the menu begins with the prologue, as opposed to appetizers and continues on from there (Fowl Play, You Have to Sea it to Believe It, etc…). The food was yummy but the dessert (for me) was the real show-stopper; we got flourless chocolate cake and apple nachos and they were both divine!

Image may contain: 1 person, eating, sitting, dessert, table, food and indoor
Someone is excited about all the sugar!
Saturday morning – after some coffee – of course, we drove to Norfolk for the Norfolk NATO Festival, which has been taking place for sixty-four years now! The portion of Norfolk I saw was great; the town has mermaids throughout, as the town’s emblem…if you will. The town I grew up in had carousel horses… I think I prefer the mermaids! The Norfolk NATO Festival kicked off on Saturday morning with a parade that contained floats from all 28 nations that make up NATO; the parade was interesting and I learned exactly which 28 countries are a part of NATO (which yep, I didn’t really know before last Saturday, ha-ha…) and I also learned that when it’s crazy windy, perhaps having lots of large flags on your float = no good. They will all blow over and it will stall the parade. Just saying…
Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and outdoor
Mermaid(s) point the way…
Image may contain: sky, outdoor and water
The USS Wisconsin docked in Norfolk.
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, sunglasses, closeup and indoor
Sibling picture! 
The real draw – at least for my airplane loving dad and sister – was the “performance” by the French aerobatic team, Patrouille de France over the Chesapeake Bay. I think there was maybe an expectation that maybe the performance would consist of more than three passes, but I enjoyed those three passes just fine and maybe even found it more enjoyable to sit alongside the bay, munching on my Chick Fil A sandwich and listening to/watching the water lap against the pier. No complaints from me on the length of the performance – I was enjoying every aspect of the day – except maybe the crazy heat! 
Image may contain: outdoor
I’m telling you – mermaids everywhere.
Image may contain: sky
Patrouille de France!
Once the airplanes competed their performance, we perused the booths that were set up by each country before returning to the car (yahoo for air conditioning) and headed back over the bay to Fort Monroe. The original beginnings of the fort were built in 1609 and the fort served as a military strong hold through the War of 1812, the Civil War, World War I and World War II and was decommissioned as a military outpost in 2005. Suffice it to say, there is quite a bit of history within the walls of Fort Monroe – and there is also this small town of sorts; the houses within the walls of the fort have been converted into home and apartments, which inspired two thoughts in me: 1) that seems so cool and 2) you’d probably be so haunted if you lived in a building that old. I’m just saying. 
Image may contain: outdoor
Walls of the casemate, deep within the fort…
Image may contain: plant, tree, grass, sky, outdoor and nature
The walls of the fort; they maybe need to have the grass on top mowed…
Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor
Old Glory!
Image may contain: 1 person, standing, sky, outdoor and nature
Lindsey – can’t keep her feet on the ground, no matter where she is…
Once we returned to Williamsburg, we stopped in at a cupcake shop; I’ll confess that I didn’t need cupcakes, but I wasn’t strong enough to resist their siren call. I can only stare down a cupcake for so long before I fold…I’m not proud of that, but it is what it is. *shrug* We went back to the condo for just a little bit to freshen up (those 90+ temperatures were no joke) and then headed to get dinner at Second Street – a delicious restaurant that was right around the corner from my parent’s time share in Williamsburg. The food was delicious – I had the special; a cut of pork roast with bacon mac and cheese and some sort of divine raspberry cocktail; we also got house made chips with pimento and cheese dip to start the meal. Essentially, the food was all kinds of good and the company wasn’t too bad either, ha-ha!
Image may contain: 10 people, people smiling, indoor
How many pictures before we can get a “good”one?
Image may contain: food
Divinely delicious supper!
We finished off the evening playing a rousing game of goofy golf – when I say rousing; we had to hurry up and wait at each hole because everyone had decided that the perfect evening activity was playing goofy golf. I made the mistake of having on black skinny jeans for our golf outing and coastal Virginia + late evening temperatures over 80 degrees = humidity like I haven’t felt since I was living in Mississippi. You know what? I don’t miss it. After over an hour in the heat playing some fairly competitive golf (insert laughter here), my black skinny jeans were not keen to come off – they were plastered to my legs and wanted to stay there – ick! I think I made it out of the golf adventure in second place…I started strong and hit some snags midway through the course; I never got a hole in one, but hey – no one else did either. All in all, a really good day – even though the temperature inspired more sweat than I prefer…
Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor
Talk about being robbed of a hole in one!
Image may contain: 2 people, outdoor
Ahoy matey…or something along those lines…
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, outdoor
Up to no good – I can assure you. 

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