Same Old, Same Old…

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Another week – another week with not much to report; the weekend was really where the action was and I’ve got pictures aplenty of that, but they are for another post on another day. So here’s a quick recap of the past week in pictures…that are mostly of my sweet dog!
Mondays are exhausting…even the dog agrees!
A little Tuesday night baseball watching – Watson is a big Nationals fan too!

It rained…and rained…and rained…every single day last week. Every day dawned gray and dreary, the temperature hovered around the upper 50’s to lower 60’s and the sky dripped and dropped throughout the day. Friday morning dawned clear and blue but it was just a fake out – within an hour the rain had started again! Thankfully the sun finally came out on Friday afternoon and stayed out for longer than thirty minutes; I felt like I’d forgotten what it looked like…and so of course, I had to snap a picture of the blue skies for posterity. 

I think this thing is the sun??
The face he makes when he realizes my suitcase is out…
A high seas adventure on Friday night – seeing the newest installment of Pirates of the Caribbean.
Taking a ride to the kennel on Saturday morning…

As you can see – the past week wasn’t exactly riveting. There was a small bit of diversion on Wednesday afternoon; I went and got my hair done! Otherwise, it was the same old week – coffee, work, more coffee, home to exercise and have dinner, watch some Nationals baseball, sleep…repeat!

Stay tuned for some more interesting (at least in my humble opinion…) posts later in the week!

Five on Friday

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Another Friday here – a Friday that couldn’t have come soon enough! This has been A WEEK that I do not want to repeat…*sigh*…for many reasons; most of them not worth the stress and strain they brought on! There is a three day weekend (among other things) to look forward to and the sun has finally come out today. What more could a girl ask for?

Okay – honestly; this girl could ask for a lot more, but I guess we’ll just leave that alone…ha-ha!

Pippa Middleton’s Wedding Festivities – I don’t know about you, but I tend to be obsessed with all things involving the British royalty; I adore William, Catherine and those sweet babies…I eat up news on Harry and Meghan Markle…and while Pippa Middleton isn’t royalty herself, her proximity to the royals certainly made her wedding last Saturday feel almost like a royal wedding!

I thought her dress was absolutely stunning – she looked beautiful; just as a bride should. Catherine looked perfect as well; then again, she always does. I have to say that sweet Prince George and Princess Charlotte certainly stole the show for me – they are always the cutest and most fun to catch a glimpse of!

Rain – It has been gloomy and gray and it was rained at some point every single day this week! I hate to inform you that my reaction to this weather phenomenon was not to don my yellow coat, grab my umbrella and sing in the rain… I have my fingers crossed that the sun will stay out for a little bit longer than an hour because I could really do with some sunshine!
 swag singing walking rain raining GIF

Three Day Weekend – It’s Memorial Day weekend…which means a three day weekend! I’ll be kicking off the weekend seeing Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales this evening and attempting to throw together a bag for a quick weekend trip to Baltimore. On Saturday, my parents and I will be spending a few hours at Yards Park before walking over to Nationals Park for Star Wars Day at Nationals Park; my Nationals will be taking on the San Diego Padres in a game with a little flair from “the force”.

Related image
Saturday night after the game, we’ll head over to Baltimore and meet up with my sister. We plan to spend Saturday night and most of Sunday together in Baltimore before my sister heads out on a lovely four month adventure courtesy of the US military…ha-ha! We’ll explore some more on Monday before heading back home. So there is plenty packed into my three day weekend!
Image result for memorial day
Game of Thrones – There is still almost two months until the seventh season of Game of Thrones premiere on HBO, but the trailer finally premiered this week and bit by bit, things are trickling out ahead of the show. This meme someone put together was just too funny and so I thought I’d share…with the realization that if you don’t watch Game of Thrones…it will make no sense. Sorry!

 Nationals Baseball – This week was a pretty good one for the Nationals; they’ve played four (at this time of this post) games so far this week and won three of them; sadly the Mariners got the final of three games from us on Thursday, but hey…you can’t win them all. Especially not when your bullpen is the definition of struggle bus! *sigh* I’m looking forward to being back at the ballpark tomorrow; this is the third annual Star Wars Day at Nationals Park and I can claim to have been to all three. I’m hoping for a win from my Nationals tomorrow – surely the dark side (the Padres) can’t prevail? 
And that’s all I’ve got for this Friday – only a few more hours until the weekend officially begins and I am counting down the minutes! Happy (long) weekend y’all!


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I’m not feeling so many words today – so some pictures from the past week will have to do…
I started my week winging across the continent…
Watson enjoying the mid-week weather…& plotting his escape from the front porch.

Thursday evening hailstorm – sheesh!
Snuggling into a cozy blanket for a Friday night nap…
Soaking up Saturday morning sunshine…
…inspecting post holes in the gray & dismal Saturday afternoon – where did the sun go?

Sunday morning snapshot with Em & Evie; two of my three most favorite girls.
The “winning” photo & the outtakes…

So – perhaps I’ll feel more eloquent as the week goes on; alas, today has been a true Monday and this is about all I’ve got.