Struggling to Remember & Raindrops

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Is it bad that I’m wracking my brain trying to think about what in the world I was up to all week last week – and I cannot remember much more than watching baseball games, spending time on the elliptical and honestly…I know I did a lot more than that, but I cannot for the life of me think of what I was doing all week! 
I devoured the book Big Little Lies, so maybe some of my time was spent on that? It’s really hard to say, ha-ha! I know that the week itself passed pretty quickly and happily enough, on Wednesday our boss granted us an early reprieve and so I was home by 3:30, done exercising by 4:30 and had the whole night stretching before me with nothing to do but eat supper…it was nice.
Friday evening followed the same routine as always – I went out for dinner with my parents. We tried a new gourmet Mexican restaurant not too far from the house and while some of the items on the menu were…interesting (perhaps you’d prefer goat meat for your filling?) the food and the service were both wonderful! I had a delicious plate of Enchiladas Verdes with Chicken and while the sauce had a wee bit of spice, it went so well with the chicken and I devoured every bite! I passed the rest of my Friday evening doing a little sitting on the front porch with my pup, watching the Nationals begin their weekend dominance of the Mets and watching (yet again) The Girl on the Train – such a good movie!
Watson enjoys perching on the top step & watching the neighborhood.

I started my Saturday pretty slowly – there is always that moment when you finally crawl out of the bed when that delightful warmth of being cocooned in your blankets is broken; I was lazy and hesitant to break free of my bed on Saturday morning, but as always the smell of coffee proved effective at getting me out of bed. I had coffee and breakfast (of sorts) before tackling a 40 minute jaunt on the elliptical, doing some cleaning up and organizing in my living room and taking a much needed shower.

I joined my Mom for a quick run to the mall – a place I cannot claim to have too much affection for; I think it comes from working in retail in that very mall, I’m not sure. We perused the clothes in Belk, bought a gift or two, grabbed some cards from Hallmark and then made a quick stop at Panera for a late lunch before heading home. Oh yeah – it also poured all day on Saturday. Such glorious weather.
This face = begging desperately for a bite of strawberries and cream.

I headed out in the wet, windy and otherwise not worth writing about weather on Saturday afternoon to meet up with my lifelong (quite literally) friend, Rachel. We caught a 4:45 showing of Beauty and the Beast – she hadn’t yet seen the movie and well…I think it suffices to say that I’ve seen it much more than once – it was still just as wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. I’m still slightly bummed that I missed out on seeing the sing-along version because sometimes its so hard not to break into song…but I managed to contain myself.

After the movie, we checked out some of the stores at the Promenade Commons and grabbed dinner at BJ’s Brewhouse – I had the Parmesan crusted chicken with mashed potatoes and broccoli and well; thinking about it now makes me so very hungry, I won’t lie. The company was excellent too and happily, by the time I was making the drive back home around 9:00, the rain had stopped! I was a complete bum once I arrived home; I’m fairly certain I was in the bed by about 10:05 and I don’t think I made it past 10:30 and I was out!

Friends since our lives began…

Sunday was meant to be another day of rain…rain…rain…and so the original plan to go pick tulips at Burnside Farms was derailed. Imagine my surprise when I woke up to sun streaming through my bedroom windows! Sadly, the tulip picking was still a no go, so after meeting up with my friend Meridith for church, I picked my Mom up from her church and we had brunch at the restaurant that is part of the clubhouse at my parent’s community. 

A side note – I don’t think I have experience being truly “hangry” until Sunday before lunch, but it happened and it was real and it was truly disturbing. I was running on nothing but coffee and the farther the clock went past 12:00, the more irate I became. I’d like to say that I don’t think I was mean to my Mom…but I was downright irritable, snarky and far too sassy for my own good. Thankfully some delightful croissant french toast with strawberries, cream cheese and pee wee potatoes snapped me right out of that mood. I apologize for anything I said while I was hangry – I probably didn’t mean it…

This will definitely cure what ails you – even if it’s a bad attitude. 

After our divine brunch, I convinced my Mom to join me for a quick Target run – I wanted to see about some shelves for my “kitchen” of sorts and wanted her input. After she looked over the shelves with me, she headed out to run her own errands and I did something I haven’t done in a long while – I just wandered the aisles of Target. I managed to get out of the store without buying something from every aisle and I even resisted the siren song of the Starbucks and its limited edition Unicorn Frappucino! I debated on getting one all weekend but I finally decided I wasn’t really sure I wanted to spend money on something that more than one person described as “sickly sweet and then sour”…

I spent the rest of my evening doing laundry, preparing meals for the week and watching a movie called Summer in February…which should have honestly been called Poor Life Choices, sheesh. Even the presence of Dan Stevens couldn’t do much to help the movie; it left me raging at the main character’s choices and sending my little sister unsolicited movie review/commentary. I ended my weekend watching Daniel Murphy smash a grand slam in the first inning of the Nationals final game against the Mets – the Nationals would go on and win the game, sweeping the Mets and winning their seventh game in a row. So…all in all not a bad way to spend a weekend.
Perhaps this week I’ll remember a little bit more of what I keep myself busy doing – but I can’t make any promises.

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