Murphy Does Murphy Things…

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I’m a little behind on this post – and there really isn’t much of an excuse besides moving my blog and still figuring out the logistics/styling of my old blog and my new. Like I said – not really an excuse!

I went to two baseball games last week – two games in three days – which is pretty delightful. I’ve said over and over again that the dream is to spend the entire weekend in DC and attend an entire series of games…Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon…all spent at the ballpark. What’s not to love?

It was the first bobble head game of the season – and ALL the people come.

I think one of the things I’ve learned about major league baseball and giveaways is that bobble heads are a big deal. If the gates open two hours prior to the first pitch, there will be multiples lines at the gates at least thirty minutes or more before that two hour mark. People want their bobble heads! The first bobble of the season was of Daniel Murphy and while he’d never admit it, Mr. Murphy obviously wanted to make his bobble head night special…but wait…I’m getting ahead of myself.

Batting practice in action.

A (grainy) look at the banner dedicated to the National League 2016 Cy Young winner – Max Scherzer!
Snapping pictures around the park – Scherzer, Zimmerman and Rendon posters! 

I suppose one of the biggest pitfalls of waiting almost an entire week is that I don’t remember exactly how the game played out – oops! I certainly know how it ended, but the specifics of the game have left my mind. Oh well… Perhaps I can make up of it with the pictures I took? The seats we had were great and were surprisingly a place I’d never sat before – and not surprisingly, I loved the seats! They were on the third level but the views of the entire ballpark were not to be beat – I’m already looking forward to going back and sitting in seats in this section again!

Friday, April 14th – A gorgeous day for baseball!

Daniel Murphy was honored as the 2016 Outstanding Player!
Stephen Strasburg was on the mound for the Nationals – and as always, pitched incredibly!

The game was; for the most part, a pitching match up. It seemed every time the Nationals hit the ball, a member of the Phillies would be in just the right spot, ready to snatch the ball out of the air and get the out. Some hard hit balls were caught and some good hits were robbed… Granted, the Nationals were doing the same thing to the Phillies when they came to bat – but that’s what you hope for as a Nationals fan, ha-ha!

The sun begins to set and casts a shadow across the field…
Sunset at Nationals Park – one of MY favorite places.

The pitching match up carried through a large majority of the game, through the ninth and into a tenth inning and when the bottom of the tenth arrived, the score was all tied up and 2-2. Bryce Harper got himself on first and Daniel Murphy came to the plate, got a pitch he liked and launched it out to left field…and it dropped just short of the wall, on the grass. While the Phillies scrambled to get the ball and send it back toward home, Bryce Harper sped all the way around from first base and made it home just in time to score the winning run – and make the game a walk off win with a score of 3-2!

The Nationals rush onto the field to celebrate the win!
The man of the hour…the man of the day – Daniel Murphy!

Dan being interviewed by…Dan…ha-ha!

A visit to Nationals Park is always wonderful – but it’s especially wonderful when my team gets the win! Last Friday’s game was filled with good moments, incredible pitching and a breathless finale! You can’t beat that! Just like you can’t beat a Friday evening at the ballpark!

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