…Or Better Yet – A Big ol Photo Dump…

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It’s Monday – and this post is essentially a huge photo dump. No question about that. The work week was a quick (sort of) four days and I dedicated an entire post to the Nationals game on Tuesday night, which was the highlight of the four day work week – ha! 
I also made a rather quick jump from one blog hosting portal to another – a jump back I suppose. I really enjoyed using Word Press but I seemed to have no end of issues with the site. Posts weren’t publishing correctly, they were publishing at the wrong time and the last straw for me was when I cleaned out a media file and discovered that images that were deleted from the media file were removed from my posts – I mean – come on! 
So, I made the move back to Blogger and while the layout isn’t quite as fancy, I think it will work just fine. I like having my blog as a place to be a way to “journal” thoughts, feelings and most importantly, memories. That doesn’t have to be done in a fancy way – and so I think sticking with Blogger will work out just fine. 
And now that I’ve bored you to death with words…you can be bored to death will pictures! Ha!
An absolutely gorgeous Spring afternoon in Northern VA – on Wednesday.
A fitting meal for National Grilled Cheese Day – and so delicious!

Watson doing his best relaxing on Thursday afternoon – he excels at lounging in the sunshine.

Friday was a day off from work – and I slept in – but I still manged to feel like I was just going, going, going from the minute I woke up! I know…woe is me, right? I just had to finish throwing some things in a bag, throw things into a bag for the dog and get myself ready…and I also wanted to get in at least thirty minutes on the elliptical.

We left the house at eleven and dropped Watson off at the kennel for a quick twenty-four hour stay. He always has a good time, but he was doing his best to get me to take him and leave…jumping on my leg to get my attention and then turning for the door as if to say “this is nice – but let’s leave, the door is this way…” We picked my Dad up from his office and made our way into the thick of DC traffic and to Nationals Park for an afternoon game.

Daniel Murphy Bobblehead Day – and Murphy was the star of the game, walking it off to win it all.
My bracelet has the coordinates of…Nationals Park!

Friday night in Alexandria – supper at Bilbo Baggins.

The Nationals got the win – in a rather dramatic fashion – and all’s well that ends well, although the game was definitely a bit touch and go for a while. Having said that, as much as I love a good blow out of a game with a near guaranteed win, there is something exciting about waiting with baited breath on the edge of your seat, hearing the crack of the bat and watching…waiting…hoping that slide across home plate will be enough to get the win! Friday’s game definitely had all of that!
We had a rather late dinner – around 9:30 – at a restaurant in old town Alexandria called Bilbo Baggins. It was a fitting spot for a hobbit, that’s for sure. My inner nerd (okay – I don’t really keep my nerdiness on the inside…) enjoyed the hints here and there of JRR Tolkein lore and I even ordered a pizza called “The Shire” that had pulled pork, BBQ, goat cheese and caramelized onions…and something else I couldn’t quite pin down – that wasn’t in the description. Oh well – it was tasty!
And now for the real photo dump – we spent a huge chunk of Saturday exploring Old Town Alexandria and I’m not sure if it’s because everything is so picturesque or there were millions of flowers in bloom or the weather was perfect…maybe it was all those things – but I took tons of pictures!
And they are completely out of order…oops!
The Carlyle House – the home that the PBS series Mercy Street takes its stories from…

Absolutely gorgeous tulips!

The gardens at the Carlyle House – everything in Alexandria was in bloom!
7 feet wide – 365 square feet – when can I move in?

George Washington’s townhouse in Alexandria

Christ Church – Mr. Washington attended this church, so it’s safe to say it’s been around a while.

The staircase in the Carlyle House – pictures = out of order – but still pretty!

Old Town Alexandria is so picturesque! 

I’m loving the Union Jack(s) on the Carlyle House!

The “lovely” green Potomac…

A much prettier picture of the Potomac on Saturday – it looks a bit less green!

I’m a sucker for pretty flowers…

The MGM Grand across the river in Maryland.

Easter decorations in Christ Church.

Seriously – all the flowers. All in bloom.

Brick pavers & cobblestone – just some of the touches that make Alexandria so unique.

The Cherry Blossom

Gorgeous dogwoods in the garden at Carlyle House.

Something tells me Jeffrey was a little more excited about lunch than I was…

Azaleas on the grounds of Christ Church.

Just taking a “selfie” in the reflection of the ice well under the street at Gadsby’s Tavern.

Spring – sprung.

Cheese! Sort of.

I wanted to open the gate & go right into this house – so cute!

Christ Church – all decked out for Easter!

Peeps – Better for decorating than eating?

The ice well hatch – very interesting…

A picture of a time long gone…in the Carlyle House.

Tulips & Azaleas on the grounds of Christ Church.

Outside Alexandria City Hall

Peeps in baskets – seems familiar…

Early Saturday was a bit gray…

A last look at the Carlyle House.

We arrived home on Saturday evening and had time to unpack, grab some supper and get a few Easter Sunday meal staples before I just completely gave up on being among the living and went to sleep – at…oh, 10:00! I don’t know why, but I could not keep my eyes open! I crawled all too happily into my bed and relished just being able to lay in the bed and drift (rather quickly) to sleep!

Easter Sunday dawned bright and beautiful – gorgeous blue skies and a gentle breeze – it was a pretty perfect day! I joined my friend Margaret for church and then came home and cooked (most of) our Easter lunch…which I think turned out pretty delicious. My Mom and I hid some Easter eggs for a sweet neighbor’s little girl and I succumbed to a nap on my couch at some point in the afternoon. My sweet pup went on an afternoon adventure with my parents but I elected to stay home, exercise, take a bubble bath and watch Dracula Untold – because nothing says Easter like a movie about Dracula!

Watson pondering how the three day weekend went by so quickly….

The three day weekend was good – but as always – way too fast! I honestly feel like I was just leaving work on Thursday afternoon and now it’s Monday again. That’s crazy, right? Oh well, at least the weekend was crazy good…

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