A Week – In Review

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Oh my gosh – another week gone – the first full week of April gone, I can hardly believe it…and yet here we are. Without further ado, a look back at another week gone by…

I’ve discovered that my dog is the only person (I know – he’s not really a person, so to speak – but you get what I’m saying) that loves me when I’m sweaty. I exercise and of course, no one wants anything to do with me…ha-ha! However, my sweet little dog will snuggle up to me every stinking time! Pun completely intended!

The work week was…slow…to say the least. I suppose I phrased that wrong; the week seemed to move slow, but work was hectic. I was so thrilled to see Friday and I’m already looking forward to Thursday at 5:00 with great anticipation this week – I love my job, but lately it has me living for the weekend!

Friday night I had dinner with my parents and then curled up on my couch and watched The Ticket – and my sweet pup – in a move that is quite unlike him, curled up beside me for almost the entire movie! I continued my binge-watching of Downton Abbey and read in bed for much longer than I planned to before finally falling asleep on Friday night…


Just enjoying a movie and some snuggles…

The weekend was more active than my weekends have been in recent weeks – after a brutally cold Friday (for April at least…) Spring finally made it’s arrival in Northern Virginia on Saturday and Sunday and there was plenty to do. I spent Saturday going to an afternoon tea, doing a little shopping and eating out for supper… Sunday was spent exploring the Virginia State Arboretum with my sweet pup, relaxing at home, going to the movies and doing a little grocery shopping. I took plenty of pictures…including baby love at the tea and lots of Spring goodness from the Arboretum!

Sweet Evie is still so wee that she fits in my lap! Her entire little self can just curl up in my lap and I’m fairly certain that I forgot how absolutely tiny babies are when they first arrive into this great big world!

Every tree and branch and blooming thing in the world was out on display on Sunday – the weather hovered around 65, the sky was the most perfect shade of blue and there was a gentle breeze on the air. In short – it was a perfect Spring day. No doubt about it.


Just a carpet of daffodils…no big deal…


Gorgeous day? Check!

After all our adventuring – Watson was worn out. And after a weekend filled with so much good, I was pretty worn out too! And now, just like that…we are into the throes of another week.


He thinks he is human…

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