We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming… 

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Of course I had to allow for a brief interruption to welcome the triumphant return of baseball season in all it’s baseball pant wearing, hot dog eating, walk-off watching, rain delay enduring glory…

The final week of March was filled with goodness – without being too full of activity. However, if March came in like a lamb (I can’t remember…) it left like a lion on Friday; a day that was completely rain-soaked and ridiculous.

Some pictures from last week – in review – if you will…


Watson wasn’t really on board with Monday – which I completely understand.


One of the (only) cures for a typical Monday? Binge-watching a beloved show & sipping wine!


Spring blooms outside the office on Tuesday….


Sweet baby love from hours old Evelyn on Tuesday night!


Perhaps what I really meant when I said Watson wasn’t a fan of Monday…Watson isn’t a fan of mornings period.

The weekend managed to be both full and not too full – I’ve recommitted myself to getting some exercise in at least five times a week and so when I was able to leave work two hours early on Friday, I debated between curling up on my couch to watch an episode of Downton or getting in a quick thirty minutes on the elliptical, grabbing a shower and getting ready to go out to eat…

Somehow the desire to better myself physically won out and so I did thirty minutes on the elliptical, took the fastest shower I’ve taken in a long while, got myself dressed and ready to go…and I did it all in just a little over an hour. Sometimes I impress even myself… After supper and a little shopping, the movie of choice for Friday night was Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

I did some retail therapy on Saturday morning and picked up three pair of shoes for Spring and Summer, had lunch with my Mom and watched a Nationals exhibition game on TV before making a quick grocery run to Aldi. I settled in on Saturday night with pizza, some wine and a movie (A Walk Among the Tombstones) before getting back to my Downton Abbey binge…


My Dad’s 55th birthday was Sunday – I’ve been around for more than half his life…crazy…


Posing with three of my favorite girls on Sunday afternoon!


A selfie is much better when you add a toddler and stuck out tongues…


I don’t think there is much more precious than a wee baby!

I’ll leave you with this sweet 18 seconds of a precious toddler who sat in my lap, enchanted and amused by a drone flying around the playroom…she sat for a solid 25 minutes. And her reactions were always this precious and funny!


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