Just Three

I started this post on Monday – but honestly; my weekend was less than stellar and my Monday was, a classic case of “Monday”…so I never got past the first sentence. I also have just three pictures from the past week; which is crazy because the past week was more than full, but I guess it was so full that I was too busy to take pictures? Who knows…

Spring sort of arrived last week…but it can’t quite decide about sticking around. The weather has fluctuated from the mid-50’s to the balmy and even sticky upper 70’s. After work last Tuesday, I joined my friends Meridith and Danielle to go see Beauty & the Beast; Meridith and I are in love with the movie and Danielle hadn’t yet seen it, so we had to remedy that.

The Alamo always has a varied menu but for Beauty & the Beast they had a drink, a milkshake and a sandwich that were themed specifically for the movie. I’d had the drink (the Transformation) on my first viewing of my new favorite movie (ha-ha) and I decided to go in for the other two themed items on Tuesday night and got the Croque Maurice (shaved ham & Swiss cheese sandwich – so delicious) and the Milkshake en Flambe (a vanilla milkshake with chocolate pudding and flambed strawberries)…and it was a delicious meal. Of course, the movie was just as spectacular as it’s been every time I’ve seen it.

The rest of the week was chill and…dare I use the word…calming? I had a wonderful massage on Thursday after work and it was a wonderfully relaxing and peaceful way to spend an hour. Friday was a fairly good day, but the weekend went downhill after work and as I mentioned – my weekend wasn’t stellar. I got dinner after work on Friday and had a delicious and pretty drink called the Bleeding Rose – which had an ice cube made of Aperol and Elder-flower wine – doesn’t that just sound fun? It tasted delicious too!

I spent the weekend doing…not much. I slept in on Saturday, spent less time sipping coffee and more time on the elliptical and watched a movie (The Guest) before meeting my friend Katie for a late lunch. I spent Saturday evening beginning my re-watching of Downton Abbey – I’ve realized that I’d forgotten so much from the earlier seasons!

Sunday was another lazy day for me – I actually started my day at the movies; who knew they had showings at 9:55 in the morning? After lunch and a lazy afternoon, my Mom and I met up with some friends for a birthday dinner that was followed by cake and ice cream – of course! I finished my weekend with some more Downton and that’s whats been happening for the past week.


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