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… The most important thing I can impart to you on this Monday afternoon is that you should definitely go see Beauty & the Beast … because it’s on another level of excellent. And that’s all I’ll say about that, even though I could go on and on…and on…


The past week feels like a blur – and the weekend too; for that matter. I suppose between driving home for most of the day on Monday and being snowed in on Tuesday, the week seemed weirdly long and short at the same time – and that will always mess with your mind.


Tennessee – I don’t know how I feel about this – but I feel…a lot of things…

I had such a wonderful time with my lifelong friend Nickolee in the mountains of Tennessee…but y’all, all that driving just is NOT my thing. I think I conducted some of the most anxiety laden performances of some of Disney’s greatest hits as I cruised along I-81 and I was so thrilled when I was done with the driving. The trip was completely worth the driving anxiety – completely worth it – but I was also glad to be home.

The weather predicted all weekend that there would be some level of snow on Tuesday, but the weather man couldn’t quite decide if it would be just a 4-5 inch covering or something much more substantial…like 12-15 inches. It started snowing on Monday night around 7:30 and when it was all said and done on Tuesday around noon, I think we’d gotten something like 6-8 inches. Nothing too terribly dramatic but enough to warrant the office being closed for the day…which meant I spent the day shoveling snow, taking a bubble bath and finally watching Moana – which was adorable.


Always looking for handouts…

Wednesday after work I went and got my hair “did” – it was looking so tragic with split ends and nasty roots, but my friend Melissa fixed everything right up! I have no pictures, so maybe soon I’ll post something with my new darker do…who knows? I know that I always go get my hair done on Tuesdays and so going on Wednesday completely threw me off. I told you – the week was weird.

After a really chill Thursday evening catching up on Legion and treating the family to some delicious Mexican food, Friday finally (had already?) arrived. After a somewhat more hectic than anticipated day at work, I was more than ready to get to the theater to see Beauty & the Beast.


Tale as old as time…

While waiting for the movie to start, my Mom and I realized that when she took me to see the animated movie in theaters at the wee age of seven, she was actually the same age I am now! I treated her to the movies this time around! And because I was buying the tickets with a gift card, I splurged and got myself a collector’s glass – that I’m sure will make drinking any liquid that much more enchanting, ha-ha! I certainly spent a solid 2+ hours of my Friday night absolutely captivated by the movie – I am still in awe of the way they were able to take my favorite movie and somehow make it just a wee bit more perfect.


The Transformation – which sadly didn’t transform into Dan Stevens…

Saturday dawned sunny and finally…finally a little bit warmer. After fiddling the morning away cleaning up around my house, sipping my coffee (of course) and just bumming around, my Mom and I went over the mountains to Middleburg for the afternoon. We looked through several shops and even picked up a couple things from a store having a going out of business sale – everything was 50-70% off – so everything was a steal! I picked up a special treat for my sweet pup since he just celebrated his 9th birthday – and of course, he devoured it!


Happy Birthday to you!

We had dinner out and then I bummed around (some more) as anyone would on a lazy Saturday night. I sipped some wine while watching Fixer Upper and Legion (it sometimes warrants more than one viewing to wrap your head around…) and finally crawled into bed around 11:45!


The puppy got a bone – I got chocolates!

Sunday was filled with church, grabbing lunch at McAlister’s and going to see Beauty & the Beast (yep – you’re reading that right – twice in less than 48 hours) in 3D on Sunday night; my Mom and I felt my Dad needed to be introduced to the movie in all it’s glory – and I’m pleased to report he loved it. We grabbed Zaxby’s for supper and much too soon for my liking, another weekend was in the books.


Aren’t they precious? Ready for a Beast, singing tableware & enchanted rose petals…

I can’t believe last week (and the weekend) passed so quickly – and I can’t believe that as I hit publish on this post, Monday is already almost over too! Time flies!

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