Watson Wednesday

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I decided to share a few snaps of my pup today instead of just one – because today is actually Watson’s ninth birthday! That means my sweet little pup is SIXTY-THREE in dog years; are you kidding me?

I like to think he’s still a youthful little puppy but nine years of life is quite a bit of living – for a puppy dog at least. While he still hops and jumps around, he’s also especially fond of taking nice long naps – whether they be in the early morning, mid-afternoon or evening right before bed.

Below – the progression of settling in to a nice pre-bed nap…at 9:00 at night! HA!

That last face is definitely his way of saying “is there a good reason you just woke me up?”

I sure do love this little pup and I hope he has nine more years of bouncing around the yard, begging for bites of supper and taking naps by the fire.

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