March Winds…

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Monday I was driving home under bright blue skies, wispy clouds and an almost balmy temperature topping out in the upper 40’s. Pretty typical March weather for Northern Virginia – nothing out of the ordinary.

With each mile that brought me closer to NoVa, each blinking road sign had a more urgent message: Winter Weather Advisory – Dial 511 for Information… Winter Weather Watch – Dial 511 for Information… Winter Weather Warning – Dial 511 for Information. About an hour from my final destination, the interstate became marked with the telltale lines that meant the road(s) had been treated for the impending winter weather.

The sun began to fade into the gathering clouds, the wind picked up and as I peeked out of the window at 7:30…the first snowflakes began to fall. Honestly – all I could think was…

Honestly though – while we didn’t get the predicted 12+ inches, we did get a good 6-8 inches and there was a snow day for most of the area – my office included! While I did return from my weekend adventures well before evening yesterday, it has been awfully nice to have a whole day to do a lot of nothing before heading back to work. Of course – there was some (a lot) of snow shoveling involved in the day’s activities – but I also got to take a glorious bubble bath and finally, finally got around to watching Moana (so cute!)

So – while 75% agrees with Cogsworth’s less than impressed face when it comes to snow in mid-March, this snow day hasn’t been too very terrible.

So – the March winds ushered in a little bit of a snow storm – nothing too dreadfully terrible and hopefully it’s just Winter’s last stand. After all, old man Winters days are numbered…the first day of Spring is just around the corner! And I suppose I don’t mind just one snow day after all these months…

However – having said all of that; I’m hoping Winter will now pack up it’s bags and head on vacation for the next 9 months or so….

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