Five on Friday

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One. On the Road Again – I’ll be spending a chunk of today traveling, riding the open road…and while I love to travel, driving…when 18-wheeler(s) are present…not necessarily one of my favorite things. I’ve got some things to hopefully keep me amused, distract me from the big trucks while I’m focused on the open road and also to keep me fueled (not in the literal sense…) Of course, there’s always the actual fun at the end of the road trip to look forward to also!

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Two. Tunes & Talking – I have several editions of some of my favorite podcasts loaded onto my phone; they include The Popcast with Knox & Jamie, Storm of Spoilers, the Big Boo Cast and Legion. I can delight if pop culture, some Southern sass and a detailed discussion of one of my current TV faves: Legion. The NEW Beauty and the Beast soundtrack downloaded to my phone overnight (like a gift) and I’m waiting until I set out on the open road to start listening because it’s the deluxe edition and will provide me with over 2 hours of music and wonder. Yes please!

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Three. Snacks – Honestly, I don’t have anything too epic…just some coconut cashews, a granola bar and peanut butter crackers. All fine things but nothing too crazy. I honestly just needed a fifth point, ha-ha!

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Four. Prayers – If you’re reading this, feel free to say a little prayer for safe travels. I think I’m a fairly decent driver…but there are always crazies on the road and a little extra prayer never hurt anybody! Especially when they’re driving on I-81! Sheesh!

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Five. Nationals Baseball – The one thing that has nothing to do with the road trip…of course, baseball! Spring Training is still cruising along and this weekend the World Baseball Classic starts; the Nationals have two participants – Tanner Roark and Daniel Murphy. There are only twenty-four days until Opening Day and just thirty-two days until I’m back at Nationals Park once more!

Image result for nationals baseball 2017

And that’s all I’ve got for this Friday – sorry it’s so short, sweet and to the point – perhaps maybe that’s a good thing? I’ll be hitting the road around one and funnily enough, I’m going South…right into a predicted Winter Storm. Are you kidding me? Trying to escape the snow and I’m heading right for it – oh well, I’m sure it will still be fun!

Happy Weekend everyone!

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