The Great Escape & Other Weekend Misadventures

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The weekend itself seems largely uneventful at first glance – but I suppose that’s not really the case. Granted; I didn’t actually do too much but it was COLD this weekend, albeit absolutely gorgeous outside!

The forecast for Friday had been projected as snow all week long and then by Thursday, snow was no longer in the forecast. So; of course, it snowed on and off all day Friday! A squall would move through, lasting long enough to cover the grass with snow and then the sun would blaze through, the clouds would part and the sun would shine. You’d never have guessed that it was snowing mere seconds earlier – unless you looked down!

Our office closed early on Friday (just because) and after a tasty dinner at Olive Garden and poking around a couple stores (Hobby Lobby, Home Depot and TJ Maxx) I spent the rest of my  night being a complete bum. I caught up on Legion and then got caught up in watching the back half of The Help – that movie is just so good!


Weird Weather Alert

I slept until 9:00 on Saturday! I don’t even know who I am anymore; I was so shocked to wake up and see that the clock said 9:00 – I felt like half the morning was gone, but I also felt delightfully rested. The time honored tradition of sipping coffee was observed before I did some house cleaning, general tidying up and got myself ready to face the day. Which really just meant making a Wal-Mart run with my Momma and then treating us both to Starbucks after. I love a good Iced Coconut Milk Mocha Mochiatto and it’s finally back on the menu, so I had to snap one up.


When you got caught & you know it…

Saturday evening I was downstairs, minding my own business and watching a movie (Ex Machina), my Dad was building shelving in the storage room and my Mom was upstairs reading…Watson had been sitting beside me on the couch, hopped down to get a bite to eat and then ventured upstairs, I assumed to lay by the fire.

After about fifteen minutes had passed, my Mom yelled that the door leading into the garage had blown open and it was causing the house to be absolutely freezing! I immediately forgot all about what I was watching and began searching for Watson – he wasn’t in his bed(s), he wasn’t on MY bed, he wasn’t in the storage room with my Dad, he was nowhere to be found and so I threw on my coat as I raced out the front door… Sure enough, with just one call of his name he appeared at the end of our street, wagged his tail at me and came jauntily back down the street – quite pleased with himself.

However, once he came into the house his smug attitude tapered off and it was obvious he realized that he was not supposed to take advantage of an open door and go racing around the neighborhood. He had a hangdog expression (no pun intended) and immediately wanted to cuddle up to me – just to make sure there were no hard feelings. Of course, I melted immediately, mostly just because I was thrilled he was okay. I know – I’m basically a helicopter parent.



Sunday after church and a delicious roast that was cooked to perfection in the crock pot, my little escape artist and I were joined by my Dad to adventure around the neighborhood. There is a gorgeous (although neglected) antebellum home near our house and I always joke that my parents should buy it and restore it – although I wouldn’t be staying there because it’s most certainly haunted, ha-ha! The construction in the community has progressed to the point that we were able to walk quite close to the house and peer over the fence and be nosy – Watson of course wriggled right under the fence – no problem for him!

I passed the rest of the afternoon re-arranging some things in my living room while watching Bridesmaids (I can never change the channel when it’s on – it cracks me up), made waffles for dinner and after a long soak in the bathtub, rounded out my weekend watching the season finale of Victoria.


Klutziness knows no bounds…

Oh – I may have also mentioned other misadventures – right? I discovered on Sunday afternoon a knot on my head with some redness and bruising and I still have no clue what actually happened to cause it! I swear I’m not crazy, I just have no recollection of hitting my head on anything – especially not hard enough to leave a mark!

And although it didn’t happen on the weekend, this morning I didn’t make it five steps out of the bed before I got tripped up on one of my throw pillows and crashed into the floor. All I can say about that is – you’ll wake up pretty quickly when you’re trying to avoid smacking your head into the wall…especially when you already have a knot on your head and can’t figure out what caused it… *sigh* Misadventures indeed.

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