Game of Thrones – The Concert Experience 

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What an experience it was! One of my friends gifted me a ticket to the Game of Thrones Concert Experience for Christmas and finally, finally the day came for the concert! We scooted out of work a couple hours early, drove up 66 to Fairfax, hopped on the Metro and emerged in the midst of DC – at the Verizon Center.

Fun fact – for the past almost three months my friend Danielle and I were convinced the concert started at seven. We happened to *actually* look at our tickets yesterday and realized that the concert actually didn’t start until eight! So we managed to stretch out our dinner over the course of almost two hours…an appetizer…the meal…some coffee…and by the time we finished, it was almost seven and the doors to the Verizon Center were open!

I will forewarn you – the pictures on this post are not of the most stellar quality – but the fact of the matter is; had I taken my real camera, I’d not have been allowed to use it. There were signs when you went into the Verizon Center listing a whole list of items that you could not bring in and so my trusty iPhone was the most obvious option. So…while the quality of the pictures may leave a little something to be desired, the concert itself was absolutely amazing!

The stage(s) set-up pre-concert.


A better look at the stage – a bit brighter lighting…

Danielle & I, ready for the show!

Just some tidbits to share with you about the concert – it was conducted by the composer of the music for all six seasons; Ramin Djawadi and it took three years to plan. The equipment required for the elaborate stage set-up requires 15 semi trucks to transport and includes 255 lighting fixtures, 7 custom stages and 807 linear feet of video wall. Over 3,602 minutes of footage from the show were reviewed to decide which clips to include and there are 11 eclectic instruments, including a hammered dulcimer, a didgeridoo and what the conductor called a “Wildling horn”. And of course, I’d be remiss if I forgot to mention the 12 barrels of liquid wildfire used in each performance – because, of course there’s fire.



The army of Unsullied

Daenerys takes control of her army.

Playing the “wildling horn” – which is hard to see here…


Ser Jorah Mormont & Daenerys Targaryen

A scene from season five – The Dance of Dragons


Ramin addresses the crowd – asking how many people in attendance had NEVER seen Game of Thrones..



The Battle of the Bastards – gripping!

Ramin thanks everyone for coming – good night!

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