Monday Musings…

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Well – the glorious weather has turned a corner & now it’s feeling more like February. I really think that the change in the weather just put a real slump in my mood, sad but true. I was ready for Spring and the weather lulled me into a false sense of Spring wonder and then the blue skies, warm breezes and budding trees were snatched away. *sigh*


An artist at work…

The past week was fairly calm – Monday was glorious and the weather was spectacular…and most of the week followed suit. Tuesday night my Mom joined me for a paint night at my church (Abundant Life) and we had a wonderful time painting our winter landscapes and laughing with the ladies sitting at our table. We did get plenty of giggles on the way home because during the entire painting event; even after opening with a word of prayer, one of our seatmates continued to have a mouth like a sailor!

As we were painting, my Mom would cut her eyes at me with a semi-horrified expression. It was only after we were all halfway done painting and the woman mentioned I looked familiar that we discovered they did not attend church but had seen that you could come paint for just $5! Definitely not a bad deal and I suppose every form of fellowship can be used as outreach. We cracked up all the way home thinking about it and I have my finished artwork proudly displayed in my living room – because it matches so well!


Neighborhood Watch…

The unseasonably warm weather has meant we’ve had windows and doors open and my sweet pup has taken to standing at the open door and watching the world outside. I nicknamed him “neighborhood watch” because he’s being extra vigilant and making sure nothing is amiss outside our four walls. Once the deck is built, I have a feeling a certain little pup will want to spend all his time lounging in the sun and of course, keeping watch.


Purchasing baseball tickets is serious business.

The weekend was almost not worth “reporting” on – I did that little! Friday night I had dinner with my parents at Ruby Tuesday, helped them choose some items for a fundraising basket for an event at their church on Saturday night and in general, was just a complete bum! I watched Beauty & the Beast before finally going to bed around midnight – that movie absolutely never gets old and I cannot wait for March 17th!

Saturday (don’t fall asleep reading this…) after my ritual of sleeping in and sipping coffee, I honestly couldn’t quite decide what to do with myself. Nothing seemed to be all that thrilling and so I’m ashamed to say I just puttered around for much longer than I usually do. I finally decided to do a Posh hair mask (riveting stuff, I know), do some laundry and start watching The Americans. Some absolutely crazy weather rolled in around noon, complete with booming thunder, cloud to ground lightning and hail! It only lasted about 15 minutes but Watson was having none of it and I was rushing around to get my car into the garage…it was crazy!

I know – nothing too wild and crazy – but I tend to get overly excited about weather, ha-ha!

Saturday night I re-watched the first two episodes of Legion; I am loving this show, but given the main character’s mind bending abilities and potential schizophrenia…the episodes warrant an extra viewing to wrap your head around!

Sunday morning I enjoyed church with my friends Margaret and Meridith and then spent a lazy afternoon reading, giving my dog a bath and cleaning up/organizing around the house. I promised you that it was all so very exciting that you might doze off..

I watched a little bit of the Oscars – as I mentioned on Friday, I wasn’t 100% into it this year but I can never turn down watching the red carpet to see all the gorgeous dresses! I shared a couple of my personal faves below but I think Emma Stone was my number one of the night; she always looks so elegant and classy! I’m so glad she won Best Actress and I hate that La La Land didn’t pick up best picture – wasn’t that a crazy ending??

Another Monday come and gone – I started this in the afternoon and 9:00 is creeping up on me, so this seems like the perfect time to say adieu!

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