Five on Friday

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Oh Friday – how I love to see this day arrive on the calendar. Also; how in the world is this the LAST Friday of February?!? Does anyone else feel like they blinked and this month is gone? Trust me – I’m looking forward to Spring just as much as the next person, but do you realize that almost two months of 2017 are already done? It’s crazy!


One. Spring – Alternatively this could be labeled “blue skies” because almost every single day this week has been spectacular! Gorgeous blue skies, a smattering of little wispy clouds floating along on a gentle spring breeze and the temperature hovering around 75. IN FEBRUARY. Also…in NORTHERN VIRGINIA. According to my Timehop; this time last year it was raining and two years everything was frozen solid!

Unfortunately the weather doesn’t appear to be sticking around through the weekend, so I’ll have to try to enjoy as much as I can when I get off later today!

Image result for blue skies

Two. Emma Watson & Dan Stevens – Honestly, I think I’ve covered how excited I am about this movie and really what I want to say is “how does Emma Watson always look so amazing?!?” She and Dan Stevens look like real life royalty in these pictures from last night’s London screening of Beauty & the Beast. That dress is absolutely stunning, she looks phenomenal and Dan Stevens isn’t too bad to look at either! *wink*

Three. Posh – Have you heard of Perfectly Posh? Posh; for short, is all natural and made in America, cruelty free and perfect for pampering yourself. They offer amazing hand creme, lip balms, chunks (a big ol bar of soap) body butters, body scrubs, specialized skin and hair care, the list honestly goes on and on…

A friend from high school recently became a consultant and she sent me some samples. After trying them out, I ordered my own products and I’ve fell in love. I decided to host a party because who doesn’t love a change to get some potentially free goodies? As I mentioned above, the company is cruelty free, all the products are naturally based and have no fillers, everything is made in the USA and they even have vegan options!

If you want to check it out, do so here:


Four. The Oscars – I normally enjoy watching the Academy Awards each year; I love looking at all the glamorous dresses mostly, but I’m torn about watching this year. I am 100% done hearing about politics and I feel that; given how other awards shows have already panned out, this will just be another avenue for political ranting.

I watch movies as an escape of sorts and while it may seem childish and/or like I’m putting my head in the sand, I’d just prefer the Oscars be about the glitz and glamour of the red carpet and the magic of the movies – and not drag the crazy political state of the world into it all. I’d also prefer for La La Land to win big because I adore that movie! I also really enjoyed Hidden Figures too!

Five. Nationals Baseball – A mainstay on this weekly posting from late-February through at least October; there are only thirty-eight days until opening day and just forty-six days until my first visit to Nationals Park for the 2017 season! The Nationals are still making moves, even though Spring Training started a week ago and just this morning it was officially announced that the Nationals had signed veteran catcher Matt Wieters. Matt isn’t coming far – he was a member of the Baltimore Orioles before today – so now he’s just inside the Beltway, ha-ha! Here’s hoping the addition of Wieters will open up for some other moves…because the Nationals still need a closer…and we only have thirty-eight days!


That’s all I’ve got for this edition of Five on Friday – hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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