Photo Dump -Or, Better Yet – Life Lately

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I haven’t done a recap style post in a bit and I have plenty of pictures taking up space on my phone, so I figured I’d dump them here! 

An Edible Arrangement from my wee sister – she completely surprised me!


I must say – for a person that is perpetually (sadly) single on Valentine’s Day, I still somehow managed to have a pretty good V-Day this year. My sister and I jokingly refer to it as S.A.D. – Singles Awareness Day; because you’re never more aware of how single you are than on Valentine’s Day, but I digress… My sweet family surprised me with hand rolled truffles and a gift card to Stitch Fix and the work day had not one but two surprises: one of my friends in the office brought me an adorable owl mug filled with Reeses’ and in the afternoon, Edible Arrangements delivered a “bouquet” of delicious chocolate covered strawberries from my little sister! I felt awfully loved…in spite of being single!

Nothing goes quite so good with an episode of Bones as food…any food, ha-ha!

Thursday night elliptical struggles…

Nothing is more difficult than trying to exercise and also keep an eye on your dog. At least; that’s the case for me at this point in life. I’ve been trying to get back to using the elliptical at least 4-5 times a week (or walking) but I don’t like for Watson to just wander off and get quiet. It’s like a toddler – usually if they disappear and get quiet – they’re up to something! Thursday night I was on the elliptical, trying to pass the time watching Guardians of the Galaxy and every few minutes, screaming my dog’s name… He’d come rushing down the stairs, around the corner and stare up at me for a few seconds…and then race back off the way he came. *sigh*

Friday Morning Backyard (or lack thereof) Surprise…

Taking in the Friday evening sunset.

Spotting something on the horizon.

Saturday Afternoon Sunbathing…

Sunday Morning Sun Seeker

The weather here has been ridiculously amazing for the past few weeks! Case in point – it’s currently 75, sunny and there’s not a cloud in the sky. It’s so gorgeous! Watson has been reveling in every minute of outdoor time that he can get – snoozing in patches of sunlight, sunning himself in the middle of the yard, enjoying a ride in the car on the most recent sunny Sunday afternoon. I wish I had a backyard for the little guy, but we are doing the best with what we’ve got and I think he’s been pretty pleased!

Sunday Afternoon Drive

Always begging for a bite of something…anything…

A little love on the seat of the Wal-Mart shopping cart.

Sunshine Patch = Puppy Nap Spot

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