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Another week and weekend come to an end; February is speeding by, but then I am convinced that with each year that passes…time certainly moves faster! The work week was fairly placid; the middle of the week slump was broken up by a sick day at home on Wednesday when I woke up feeling not quite right…

The latter part of the work week was marked by the crazy weather showing up on Thursday morning after Wednesday was a balmy 70 and breezy. I spent Wednesday afternoon walking the neighborhood with my pup in flip flops and short sleeves, only to have to put on snow boots and an ankle length coat and skirt patches of ice on the sidewalks on Thursday afternoon.

I think it’s fairly safe to say that while Watson (and myself…to an extent) like the snow just fine, my feelings will not be hurt if Winter makes an early exit and Spring continues to show itself earlier than usual. Last year I was fine with snow but this year; for some reason, I am craving sunshine and warm breezes and longer days. I’m ready for Winter to make it’s farewell and not have to worry about it again until at least late October… I think Watson agrees with me; he looks positively daunted by the prospect of sliding along the icy sidewalk…

Friday started with an absolutely glorious sunrise – which of course, I took pictures of…breathtaking, right?

I was busy for a large chunk of the work day – but my work day also happened to end at 3:00 instead of 5:00 and so I started my weekend early! It’s kind of become a thing that I go out to eat with my parents on Friday night and after a bit of relaxation on my couch, I freshened myself up and out we went. The meal was good and then I spent the rest of the evening being a grade A bum! Because what else are you supposed to do on Friday night?

I feel like this would be the best time to share some absolutely adorable pictures of Watson that were taken over the weekend. I’m sure some would say I take way too many pictures of my dog, but I’m convinced there is no such thing! And with a face that cute, how could I possibly not take ALL the pictures?

Saturday I did the whole sleeping in and sipping of the coffee and even shared my breakfast with Watson while watching Legion…because I need just one more show to watch, right? The weather made yet another turn toward Spring and I opened up the windows and let the sunshine and spring breezes into the house.

I got myself together around 3:30 and headed into town to meet my friend Melissa for some long overdue girl time – we went poking around in Old Navy, Home Goods and Target with a break in the middle of the shopping (mostly of the window variety) for supper at Chili’s. Fun fact about our Chili’s visit is that at one point Melissa mentioned her sweet tea didn’t seem to actually be sweet and instead of offering to get a new drink, our waitress just said “oh no – it’s because we are getting to the bottom of the pitcher…” Nothing says A+ service like being told you’re drinking the bottom of the barrel, am I right?

We laughed it off and went on about our business; discussing babies and men (boys), hair cuts and clothes and pretty much anything and everything you could think of…mostly we just had a good time enjoying one another’s company and eating (too much) delicious but also in no way good for us fried food. Our evening out resulted in me returning home with a duster from Old Navy, a new make-up palette from Target and a thankful heart for having such a wonderful friend to spend time with!


Sunday I slept in – although not as late as I’d hoped to – and then sipped my coffee and passed the morning with my sweet pup. I chose not to go to church; I knew I’d be showing up and going at it alone and some days I’m totally fine with that and other days I’m just not…quite there. The social anxiety comes and goes and I just wasn’t quite feeling it on Sunday and so I suppose I let it get the best of me, but it is what it is and it’s over and done with now.

I scooted off to the movies on Sunday afternoon to see Loving – the only seats left were on the first and second rows and I couldn’t convince anyone that it wouldn’t be so terrible to sit that close – so I went on my own! I had no clue but once I arrived, I realized I’d plopped down right in the midst of a showing put on by the local film club and I was greeted, handed my very own booklet, the show times for the movies they were highlighting in February and even persuaded to be in the group picture! Who knew?


The movie was wonderful – if you have a chance to see it, I’d encourage you to go! The screening I saw even had a lawyer who spoke before the film started and it was all around a really neat experience. I made my way home under cloudy skies, fighting the wind all the way and holed up for the rest of the evening and really can’t report too much more of excitement. I watched a little TV (The Man in the High Castle) and read a little bit (The Handmaid’s Tale) before crashing and thus bringing another weekend to a close.

It was so wonderful to have plans again and get out and about! I don’t know what it is about Winter that lends itself to staying home, bundled under blankets just being lazy but I’m ready for there to be more on the calendar…more to do and see and go to… perhaps that’s part of the desire for Spring? The desire to be out and about more?

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