Weekend Wrap Up

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The real title of this post should be along the lines of “pictures of Watson and a couple of other things for good measure…” Do you get the feeling that I did a whole lot of nothing again this weekend? Because that’s kind of the truth, ha-ha! It’s a Winter thing, I suppose.

Happily, I am finally beginning to add things onto my social calendar again and the next few weekends promise that I won’t just be sitting at home…I think… I don’t know but Winter makes me feel like a bum that has no life. I sit down to write these posts and I’m like “what am I doing with myself?!?”

I quite literally did next to nothing on Friday night and it was kind of glorious. I picked up pizza on the way home and I took a really long bath. I feel like that’s on par with saying that you can’t go out because you have to wash your hair – but I really enjoyed my bath; there was a bath bomb involved and everything. I also watched two episodes of Aerial America because if you’re going to really “live it up” on a Friday night, go all the way – right?

Saturday morning I had my standard two cups of coffee before starting the laundry, taking a shower and finally getting around to starting Stranger Things on Netflix. I know…I know…I’m behind on everything! Saturday was a gorgeous day; it was sunny (see the below picture of my grumpy dog…) and so that helped with the chilly temperature.

My entire household was sick this past week – except me – a rare occurrence to be sure. If there is an illness to catch, it always seems to latch on to me. Sad but true. Since people were finally feeling not terrible on Saturday, I persuaded my Mom to go shopping with me on Saturday afternoon – if only to get out of the house and into the sunshine (somewhat) for a couple hours.

We hit Loft and I scored two tops and I picked up some little people clothes for some friends who are expecting at Old Navy. In what can only be a miracle, I made it out of Home Goods without buying anything – it was shocking and completely out of character!

We returned home to discover my Dad had finally called it quits on his garage makeover after he slammed a retractable ladder down on his hand and likely narrowly avoided breaking his hand. Men are crazy! However, once his friend Randy showed up they were off to Lowe’s to get supplies and finish the project; busted up hand and all…

The only cure for a wounded hand is Mexican food and so we went out to eat for supper, after all the home improvement was completed…of course! I rounded out my Saturday evening watching Stranger Things and ended up calling it a night early because of a headache – boo!

Sunday dawned more bright and early than I’d have preferred – that pesky headache was still hanging around! Happily coffee, medicine and some breakfast seemed to curb it well enough that I headed to meet my friend Meridith and her husband Jason for church.

Sunday was another gorgeous day and so after a grocery run, my Mom and I took Watson and walked all over the neighborhood and Watson sniffed every leaf, tree, branch, bug and clod of dirt he came in contact with while soaking up the weak February sunshine!

I – along with probably 80% of the country – watched the Super Bowl and the positive I can take away from it was that Lady Gaga’s performance was 100% epic. I am not and never will be a fan of the Patriots and so their comeback was nothing but appalling to me – boo! I cheered hard for the Falcons all night, quietly sang along to some Gaga songs and definitely thought the Kia commercial with Melissa McCarthy was one of my the night’s best!

And another weekend is in the books! Perhaps from here on out, I’ll have more to report than that I managed to almost completely binge watch a whole show in a weekend…oops!

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