Not What I’d Imagined Watching on a Saturday Night…

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Monday already – how in the world did the weekend go by so quickly? Oh wait…probably because I spent a good chunk of my weekend binge-watching The Crown (finally).

If January was one of the Seven Deadly Sins, it would likely be sloth – I feel like; as I look at my calendar, that I have done absolutely nothing all month. Certainly we had family visit and I’ve been to a couple movies and for the most part, the down time has been nice and given me a change to get my closet organized, get some piece of furniture ordered and finally feel like my living room and bedroom look the way I’d like and obviously I’ve been hard at work binge-watching shows on Netflix…but as the month draws to a close, it just feels like a lot of busyness with no real purpose. Anyone else feel that way?

The past (and last) full week of January was a slow one in almost every realm of my life; markedly most so at the office. My boss had the flu and the office slowed almost to a halt while he speak the week out of the office recovering. At home, I was still getting over the lingering side effects of the two week long cold that just wouldn’t go away – earlier in the week it was a runny nose, later in the week the coughing started. If it wasn’t one thing, it was something else!


Sharing this picture = now I’m hungry!

The weather was something of a mystery all week and that theme seems to have continued into this week. I’ve sat at my desk today and watched thick, fluffy snowflakes swoop and swirl through the radiant sunshine and onto the grass – so yes – strange weather indeed.

I went to the eye doctor on Wednesday afternoon and happily I’m not anymore blind than I already was; the doctor just told me over and over how very, very, very, very myopic my eyes were. As if I was any doubt as I peered at her through my Coke bottle thick glasses while nodding my head… My eyes were also dilated and so when all was said and done, I walked out the door with a clean bill of (eyeball) health and some really nifty wrap-around sunglasses to keep the bright afternoon light out of my gigantic eyeballs…


What big eyes you have…

Having finished my months long (there are six seasons) binge of White Collar on Wednesday night, I jumped right into The Crown on Thursday night and was almost immediately hooked. I have always been fascinated with the Royals; although my fascination falls more in line with the Tudors than the Windsors, but Royals are intriguing none the less and The Crown is so very intriguing.


Friday dawned colorfully and seemed like it would be a sunny day…but before long, more snow rolled in. It didn’t last for long but with the snow came wind and a steep drop in the temperature. Friday also seemed to be the day my two week cold tried to make it’s last stand; my head ached all day and by the time I arrived home my throat was tender and I generally just felt crummy. So, I spent my Friday night lying on the couch, watching The Crown and then surrendered to deep and peaceful sleep courtesy of Robitussin!

Saturday I slept in (thank you Robitussin), sipped coffee, cleaned up around my house and ran errands around town before going to see Hidden Figures. Hidden Figures y’all – such an excellent movie! Oh! Before going to the movies, I had a late lunch at Five Guys and I was reminded of the very first time I ever ate at Five Guys – in Georgetown, when on vacation with my family eons and ages ago! It’s still just as good as it was the first time – I love those fries!

Saturday night I somehow found myself getting sucked into watching a show on The Weather Channel…about The Donner Party! I’m not even kidding! It was two hours long and somehow I was completely invested in every minute of it…and when it was all said and done, I felt a little sick. Naturally. All things that you want to watch and feel on Saturday night, right?

Sunday, I went to church and then had lunch and made a Wal-Mart run…and then, well the binge-watching happened again. I had big goals to finish The Crown and I did just that! I did tidy up some and prepare for the work week ahead and I tried to go to sleep earlier as opposed to later…but I kept getting distracted finding videos of Matt Smith and Claire Foy. I finally gave in around 10:45 and another week and weekend drew to a close!

See what I mean – not exactly the height of overachieving (except where binge-watching is concerned). I’ll stand by what I said at the start; January’s definitely the month of sloth!

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