The Lost Week(end)

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I suppose – perhaps not really. What that title really means is that I was scrolling through my phone (the home of ALL the pictures) and all I could think was “what was I even up to for the past week?!?” It was obviously not much worth taking pictures of, ha-ha!


My glorious gray vanity – I’m in love.

Monday – Wednesday of last week I came home and was essentially a bum. It’s just the truth; I watched TV and did some things, but nothing that could be labeled as industrious or worthy of photo documentation! I sit and look over at my calendar and cannot for the life of my think of what I did during the evenings beyond reading…catching up on shows…probably chatting with my family; all wonderful things but also things that no on really photographs!

Thursday night we had a relative over for dinner; he’s a fourth (or fifth) cousin once removed and he and my Dad pored over family history after we had dinner. My Mom and I took all the pictures for my Stitch Fix post (thanks Mom!) and then we lugged my beautiful vanity downstairs and I put it together. I have to say – I am beyond pleased with my purchase; it was so easy to put together and I’ve loved having it; it really adds something to the room! Amazon Prime came through yet again for me and I feel like this piece really “completes” my bedroom!


A sweet pup, paying me a visit on the couch.

Friday night I joined my parents for dinner at our favorite local Mexican restaurant – it was delicious as always – and then we made a Wal-Mart run. The weather was forecasted to be nothing but freezing rain and ice all weekend…really a weekend where you just want to hunker down, so we decided we’d better get the things we needed ahead of the weather. Once I got home, I binged a few episodes of The Office and read for a while before turning in for the night.

Saturday dawned…rainy…and not nearly as cold as predicted. Saturday turned out to just be your regular old rainy day; I’m not sure if that was a letdown or not, ha-ha! I spent the morning cleaning in preparation for our house guests this week (we have house guests!) and munched on a salad for lunch before making a Target run with my Mom. In news that would normally be unbelievable – I made a full lap through Target and left with absolutely nothing! I don’t even know who I am anymore… The evening was spent watching Sherlock and The Proposal, eating some broccoli cheese soup and yes, basically just being lazy.


Tea & Sherlock = Perfection!

Sunday morning my sweet friend and her hubby joined me for church and afterward I met my Mom for lunch at McAlisters. If you think I spent Sunday afternoon being productive, you’ve probably missed the point of this post – ha-ha! I took a small nap, read some and went on a walk around the neighborhood with Watson before the Dallas game came on. I cheered for Dallas as long as I could…but the Sherlock Season Four finale came on at 7:00 and my loyalties lie more with Sherlock than the Dallas Cowboys. Oh well…

I curled up on my couch with some tea (naturally) and watched the finale of Sherlock and then joined my Mom to watch the premiere of Victoria. We are a people that can really get behind a solid British drama at our house; we are to differing degrees fans of Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Poldark, The Crown and now Victoria… I guess we just know what we like.


Street art in Lewisburg, WV

Monday was a holiday and so after sleeping in just a bit, my Mom and I made the three hour drive to Lewisburg, West Virginia (“the coolest small town in WV”) to meet up with my Aunt and Uncle and pick up my Nanny. We had big plans to visit The Greenbrier for lunch and to look around; it’s a world renowned resort and hotel in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia and honestly; that’s what the whole day was planned around. So – you’d know that when we drove up around 1:00, they told us the hotel was closed to day guests because the new governor of West Virginia owned the hotel and his inaugural ball was being held there – that night!

We made the best of a disappointing situation and drove the 10 minutes on to Lewisburg, had a late lunch at a farm to table cafe (the food was quite good) and explored a few shops before…honestly…just sitting in the car and fiddling with our phones for a while. I realize that the middle of January is “deep Winter” around here…but I was still left wondering how Lewisburg got the distinction of being the coolest small town in West Virginia. Maybe I need to visit again in the Spring?

After a fog and mist filled drive home on Monday night, we all arrived safely back at the house and as I predicted – Watson was so wildly thrilled to see my grandmother that he almost lost his mind! I took some headache meds and then proceeded to sleep like the dead and that brings us to today – another Tuesday in another week that will hopefully be filled with more doing and less being…ha-ha!

I leave you with a funny – at least; I think it’s funny!



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