Five on Friday: Stitch Fix; The Fifth

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It’s Friday once more; the second Friday of this lovely new year and the second of fifty-two Five on Friday posts. I went a little different with this one and instead of posting five things on my mind; I’m sharing the five things in my most recent Stitch Fix!


I received my fifth Stitch Fix this past Monday and you are supposed to look over, try on and sort out what you want to keep or send back within about three days. I pored over my box on Monday night and then just ended up leaving it sitting in a chair in my living room for the rest of the week. Oops! I almost immediately knew what I’d keep and what I’d send back, so I suppose that’s why I just left it as an ornament for my chair all week, ha-ha!

This was new – a bag on top of the box; what could it be?

Bundles of possibility!

Where my Stitch Fix sat all week long, ha-ha!

I finally took actual pictures of myself in the clothes – yikes! A part of me cannot believe I’m going to post less than 100% flattering pictures; but then again, life is not 100% flattering. In all honesty, MY life is rarely flattering! My friends and I discussed this week that we feel like we are all riding the frumpy train – maybe it’s the cold weather, the extra holiday pounds, the sluggishness of winter – regardless we all feel like we look less than flattering.

So – without further ado – my fifth Stitch Fix, with pictures!

One. Booties – Can you say in love? I was the minute I pulled them out of the top of the box and even more so when they actually fit! I’ve been asking my stylist for booties for the past couple fixes and she really came through with these! They are so cute; tan suede with a little bit of a heel to give a wee bit of height without being too much – and they are comfy! I think I wondered around in these for a while on Monday night because I knew that they were going to be keepers!

Two. Liverpool Skinny Pants – Aren’t they cute? Yea – they are definitely so cute…but they also definitely didn’t fit. I love the color (they’re black…should I say lack of color, ha-ha!) and the style, but since they didn’t fit they were obviously a no go. However, I have to mention that if they had fit I still might not have kept them because I have two pair of black skinny jeans.

Three. Elbow Patch Cardigan – Y’all; I’m a sucker for a cardigan and this one sucked me right in! The fabric is so very soft and feels amazing and I love the elbow patches! The color will work with khakis and jeans and can be dressed up or down, so that’s a double win the work/play category. I only kept two items in this fix and this was the other keeper – I’m almost powerless to a cute cardigan!

Four. Navy Belted Dress – Oh…so cute! Also definitely did not fit…*sigh* The dress had buckle detailing on the arms and the belt around the middle was adorable but the way I looked in this dress….was NOT adorable. So, back in the box it went.

Five. White & Gray Sweater – This sweater was so so cozy and I didn’t keep it…and looking at the pictures I sort of wish I did. However; I am trying to remind myself that for all it’s softness, it made me feel itchy and as much as I loved it, the sweater probably would have ended up hanging in the back of my closet…never being worn. Seriously – great length, so cute and cozy and really right up my alley – but I just couldn’t justify purchasing it because I felt it would never have gotten worn!

So – did I keep the right things? I love what I kept and my Mom has always told me not to buy something unless you love it, so I stuck to that. I realized as I started this post that I did not have my information sheet that came with my Fix, so I basically described the clothes as they appeared. I got actual pictures this Fix, but didn’t have actual desciptions! Yikes! Perhaps I’ll get it together and have both the pictures and the perfect descriptions for the next one – right?

It’s Friday ya’ll – hope you enjoy your long weekend! And as always, if you’d like to give Stitch Fix a try, please feel free to try it out here:

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