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Lately…well; honestly, lately posting through Word Press has been a real struggle. Between the dates of my posts getting jumbled for a reason that no one at Word Press seems to be able to explain, (who knows where on my post timeline this will turn up?) and the captions switching from being underlined to not underlined to underlined in teal (I don’t even know….) and then pictures never going where I place them… I’ve honestly not blogged because every time I tried, I was left frustrated.

I love to blog – but for the past week or so, every post has taken so much longer than it would normally take and while the words flow just as easily – they aren’t translating as easily onto the page with the pictures that go with them. Hence – the break I took for just the past couple days. I’ve got some pictures and perhaps some random stories and anecdotes from the past couple weeks…and hopefully writing this post won’t be so maddening?

My family closed out 2016 doing one of our favorite things – going to tea! There is a wonderful tea room near us called Coach and Horses Tea Room and it is absolutely divine and most definitely an experience that everyone should have at least once! We went to tea at 2:30 on New Year’s Eve and the rest of our celebration? Well – nothing fancy, seriously. My sister and I watched an episode of Westworld and my parents worked on putting up shelving in the new closet off my room. I completely failed at making it to midnight – I tapped out around 11:15 and I was asleep long before the clock hit 12:00. Whoops!

On New Year’s Day we went into DC and rode the Metro here, there and everywhere…seriously! I’d like to say that we started off the year living dangerously and be joking, but the DC Metro is a daring risk every time! We visited the US Holocaust Museum and Memorial, had lunch in Georgetown at The Good Stuff Eatery with friends and rounded out our visit with a trip to the US Botanical Gardens – I’ve already posted something like 60 pictures from that. Insanity! We arrived home in time to whip up scones, toad in the hole and brew some tea for our Sherlock Series Four viewing party. After this week’s most recent episode, I found this quip too funny not to share…

I also think my mug was pretty perfect for sipping tea while watching Sherlock and Dr. Watson – although Sherlock would never silently correct anyone. He does it loud and proud.



Work has been fairly calm and so far the weekend(s) of this new year have been pretty calm. January…and to some extent February, depending on the weather, always seems like the time of year to turn inward a bit. Need to organize the house? Do it in the Winter! Have book(s) you want to read? Winter is a good time for that! Want to be a complete bum? Winter is also good for this! I’m kidding about that last one – sort of.

I do feel like I’ve been doing all of those things though – I spent Saturday helping my Dad finish building my closet and sorted through/reorganized all of my dresser drawers. Now, lest you think that sounds very industrious…fear not. I’ve also managed to finish two books over the course of a week and a half and I spent Friday night laying on my couch (sometimes with my sweet puppy) and watching something like…four or five episodes of White Collar on Netflix. I also finished off the last two Christmas cookies as part of my lunch one day at work…and I’ve been burning candles that smell like Holiday Spruce and Nordic Pine – because they were only $2.50 at Target!

See – it’s really a balance between being almost the very definition of sloth and alternately really getting after some things! I think that’s what Winter is for…because once the weather starts to change, there is too much to see and do to be indoors!

Oh hey look – it’s my fancy closet y’all. I need to do some serious purging of clothes. That’s one of those “get after it” things that I’ll have to take care of at some point…


In other news – it has been COLD. I don’t mean like, feeling a bit chilly or breezy, oh no. I mean it has been bitterly cold and windy and at this time of the year, the air hurts your face. That’s the kind of cold I’m talking about. You don’t have to exhale heartily to see little white puffs…basically if you open your mouth to breathe, the white puffs just roll forward…because it’s freaking freezing outside. After laughing at the fact that the year ended without any snow, on Thursday evening (the 5th) the snow started, fell all night and covered the world in a blanket of white.

It was only about an inch of snow – not much of a big deal in these parts; it’s enough to look pretty without making everything too messy and causing traffic troubles. However, once the snow arrived, the temperature dropped to about 20 and just hovered there…and has been hovering there ever since… Sunday morning when I set out for church it was 15 and felt like -1! Ya’ll – that’s some painful breeze right there. Walking from the car to the church was a commitment…a blustery, painful and quite frankly, downright BRISK commitment.

Watson continues to be fairly enamored of all the white stuff – he hops through it with glee, leaving his little paw prints here and there. However; the cold, at least this level of cold – he is not here for that. He will go out and do his business and then run for the door as fast as his little legs can carry him. Snow is a yes but bitter cold is a no. The water at our front spout has been frozen in the same position for five days now…there was a bit of a heat wave (it was actually 21!) the other day, but not quite warm enough to unfreeze this.


The sunrises have been pretty breathtaking recently – I think that is one thing that the cold has going for it. I’m not sure why, but the cold seems to lend itself to pretty spectacular sunrises and sunsets that are filled to the brim with vibrant colors and light. Today’s sunrise is on the left and Monday’s is on the right – getting more vivid each day perhaps?

And that brings us to today – Tuesday afternoon already – where is the week going? No really, it’s okay that it’s already Tuesday. Who doesn’t look forward to the weekends? This morning I woke up and my Weather Channel app said it was snowing…but it wasn’t. Honestly, at this point I want the snow to melt for just a little bit before more is added to it..

I went about my morning routine and shortly before normally leave, I looked at my phone and saw an alert for a band of snow showers moving through the area that could deposit an inch (or more) of snow in less than an hour! I decided to go ahead and leave and halfway to work, it was like I entered a different world! The snow flurries picked up, the roads started to be coated with snow (I guess they didn’t treat the roads…) and the ground was white! I made it to work and hopped out, snapping a quick picture as I walked into the office.


The snow only lasted about 45 minutes and then it was gone…and this post has gone on for about 45 minutes now, ha-ha! So I’ll leave it with you until tomorrow! Here’s hoping the date on this when I hit publish is January 10th or my little OCD heart might explode.

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