Pictures in Abundance 

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A week ago – A WEEK – I spent the day in DC with my family. We started our day at the US Holocaust Memorial & Museum, had lunch at The Good Stuff Eatery with friends in Georgetown and rounded out the day with a visit to the US Botanical Gardens to see their seasonal display; Season’s Greenings. The theme this year was 100 Years of National Parks. I took an abundance of pictures and thought I’d share them here. Enjoy!

As has been my experience with Word Press over the past week – I cannot explain why some captions are underlined and some are not. My extremely OCD personality is bothered to no end by this…alas…it is what it is and likely won’t bother you as much as it does me. Ha!



A moose, peering through the foliage

A goofball little sister…also peering through foliage…

The US Supreme Court

The Library of Congress

The US Capitol

The US Botanical Gardens

Old Faithful Inn & Old Faithful Geyser 

Old Faithful Inn & Old Faithful Geyser

The Washington Monument

The Washington Monument & the Lincoln Memorial

The Museum of the American Indian

The Jefferson Memorial

The Smithsonian Castle

The Lincoln Memorial

The White House

The Albert Einstein Memorial

The US Botanical Garden Christmas Tree

The Old Stone House & Georgetown

Capitol Hill…and Thomas the Tank Engine!


Sacajawea & Pomp

Phillippi Covered Bridge

Cape Florida Lighthouse & The Alamo

Theodore Roosevelt Home

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

John Muir National Historic Landmark

Iolani Palace

Dr. King Birth Home

I cannot quite tell…ooops…

Harry S. Truman Home

The Statue of Liberty

Casa Grande Ruins & Devils Tower 

Pueblo National Historic Landmark

Cape Florida Lighthouse, Sacajawea, The Alamo & The Wright Flyer

Casa Grande, Devil’s Tower & Peublo

Cliff Dwellings

The Grand Canyon

Earth Lodge Dwellings

The Grand Canyon & Bright Angel Lodge

Bright Angel Lodge

Mount Rushmore

The Las Vegas Sign!

Paul Bunyan & Babe the Blue Ox

Fort McHenry

Tharp’s Log

Teapot Dome

Arctic Brotherhood

Arctic Brotherhood Hall & Denali

Sitka National Park

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