NYC…Blurring By…

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The third and final day (or part of the day) spent in New York seemed to pass in a blur. I honestly didn’t mind terribly; which perhaps sounds awful, but I don’t mean it that way. The closer the calendar got to New Year’s Eve, the more people descended on the city, the larger the crowds grew…and that just isn’t my scene. At all. It actually makes me feel a little bit panicked – sad but true.

We started the day getting breakfast at a place that was honestly the definition of a “hole in the wall” diner…but the food was delicious! It was called The Evergreen and we learned while we waited that a Greek family had been operating the diner there for 25 years. Everything about the place was like something out of a TV show: the kindly proprietor waving and chatting with regulars and new guests alike, the waitresses bustling around from here to there, the signed celebrity photos hanging on the walls…the only thing that was not TV-like about the restaurant was that after 25 years, it would be closing on January 1st. The owner mentioned to a regular customer that suddenly the rent had increased to an amount far too costly for them to afford and so they were going dark…

The food was delicious, the atmosphere was delightful and I truly hope the Evergreen finds a way to re-open in the future! It was a wonderful breakfast experience.

We hopped on the subway yet again and cruised across the city to Macy’s – after all, what is a trip to New York City at Christmas time if you don’t see the store windows at Macy’s? I must admit…I feel like Sak’s had the better windows this year. The windows at Macy’s were lovely and enchanting but they were also interactive and so people crowded and clamored around them; unruly children elbowed and shoved to get a turn to press the button that would reveal whether they were on the Naughty/Nice list (probably naughty given your behavior…) and while they may have all been part of a singular story; I didn’t see the thread.

As you can see, I’m obviously very demanding and particular about my Christmas window displays.

We rode nine floors up in Macy’s and peeked here and there before cruising back down on the elevator and catching the N train back into the midst of a completely packed Times Square. Eek! We quickly popped into Baked by Melissa to grab some of the most wee cupcakes I’ve ever seen in my life, grabbed our bags from the hotel, hopped a cab over to the B&H Camera Store (my Dad could have perused for hours…) and then walked around the corner to Penn Station.

The most intense moment of the entire trip may have come when the track for our departing train was announced and literally half the station rushed forward at once. There was no rhyme or reason to the pattern of boarding, beyond pushing your way through the crowd…and it was nuts. I’ve never been so glad to just finally sit down on the train and be done with a line. The ride back to DC was uneventful – I suppose that’s generally the hope for any travel; that it passes without too much commotion.

We ate cupcakes on the train and chatted and listened to music…and the next thing we knew, we were pulling in to DC and pulling our bags back out to the car. It spun my head a little bit at how quickly the trip seemed to have gone but I was glad to be back home once more.

I think I also perhaps came to the realization that while I enjoy visiting New York City, living there would likely not ever be my cup of tea. Now – I’d gladly live in Washington DC and I can’t necessarily tell you what makes the difference…except that a long time ago when I was little and visited DC for the first time, it enchanted me and hasn’t ever let go.

Some people feel that way about New York – I feel that way about DC. I love going to New York and I’d go again in a heartbeat; especially on the train, maybe in the Spring? It was a lovely whirlwind trip and wonderful memories were made. It’s another adventure in the book and was a perfect cap to our Christmas festivities for 2017.

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