Five on Friday

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The first Friday of the new year – and the logo for Five on Friday is brand new too! How are things wherever you are? Is 2017 off to a delightful start? So far, I can’t complain…and here are five things on my brain.

I know – I’m so cheesy.


One. My 2016 Top Nine; I jumped on that bandwagon last week and was surprised to see how many of them were from just December! Do you have Instagram? Did you do your Top Nine?

From the top left, across: my photo from a Nationals game that won me a signed baseball, One World Observatory, Riding the train to NYC after Christmas, Watson & the Christmas tree, my 32nd birthday cake, Mom & I are the Lavish Sisterhood Christmas Tea, the “gingerbread” house made entirely of Hershey’s chocolate, Lindsey & I in the mountains, Arlington National Cemetery in the ice.

Two. A Vanity – As in; the final piece of furniture to complete my bedroom. I’ve been poking around here and there for the past month and I just couldn’t decide what I wanted to do. My bedroom is done is shades of gray and yellow and my nice furniture is a dark wood, somewhere between cherry and walnut… I didn’t want a white vanity and I didn’t want a wood vanity that would clash with the nice furniture I already have. Lo – I stumbled onto the vanity below and after a week of back and forth, decided it was a keeper! Y’all – it’s gray! Isn’t that so perfect? I may want to get different drawer pulls though…

Three. The La La Land Soundtrack – Which I have had on repeat for the past week! I finally saw the movie this past Monday and what can I say that hasn’t already been said? It’s wonderful and will make you feel warm and fuzzy and the songs are just lovely! It’s such a great movie and the music is just as splendid!

Four. Snow – As in; 6 days into 2017 and the first snow of the year arrived last night. It was predicted to start around 3:00 on Thursday afternoon and we sat at the office watching the skies… It finally did start snowing around 7:00 and the flakes drifted down all night and this morning the world was white. It was just a little snow; not even 2 inches, but it was enough to make everything look pretty for a little while without causing a nightmare on the roads!


Five. Doing Nothing – Those are my plans for the weekend and I couldn’t be more excited! I have big plans to binge a few episodes of White Collar, read (maybe finish) the book I’m currently 80% into, sleep late on Saturday morning, organize my dresser drawers…and well, I guess that isn’t doing nothing but it doesn’t involve me going anywhere. Granted; knowing me I’ll end up stir crazy by Saturday afternoon and venture out. I guess we’ll see!

And that is the very first edition of Five on Friday in the new year…51 more Five on Fridays to go in the year of 2017. Crazy, huh? And you can bet this year will seem to pass just as quickly as the last!

Have a lovely weekend – and maybe enjoy doing nothing…or something…or both!

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