Five on Friday

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This is it – the final Five on Friday of 2016 – can you wrap your head around that information? I went back and forth between doing five random things tumbling around in my head or recapping the first day of my short and sweet jaunt to NYC after Christmas. I ultimately decided that I’d go with the former, mostly because the latter wasn’t formatting the way I wanted and I gave up…so shall we? Perhaps this should be called Frustration on Friday?

One. Princess Leia – I was raised on Star Wars; I have vivid memories of watching the original films with my parents and my Dad and I had many a “light saber” battle with empty wrapping paper tubes. Princess Leia (much like Carrie Fisher) was beautiful but also strong and could take care of herself; she didn’t need anyone to storm in and save her, she rescued herself… 2016 took some pretty memorable people, but I felt this loss the most.


Two. Snow – As in; something that hasn’t really happened too much this Winter. I was thinking that it would be 2017 before I saw any of the fluffy stuff but this morning changed all that. There were bits of snow in my front yard…a few bits more in the yard of the office…and around 10:00 a squall line moved through and for about an hour, I was able to watch the snow swirl outside the windows. Almost none of it stuck, but it was pretty to watch while it lasted. The sunshine is out now and you’d never know there was snow a couple hours ago…


Three. Sherlock – Hands down one of my favorite shows and it’s back for the fourth season in less than 48 hours! I’m going to try to enjoy this season as much as possible because it may well be the last…only time will tell! The premiere episode will be that much more wonderful because my little sister and I will be watching together and we’re having a Sherlock viewing party with toad in the hole, scones, tea…and maybe a cracker or two for fun. I can’t wait to see what season four holds – even though it could be heart-breaking…

Image result for sherlock season 4

Four. La La Land – Am I the only person that hasn’t seen La La Land yet? I have plans to remedy that as soon as possible; hopefully over the long weekend. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about the movie and I know Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone together is nothing but magic; heck, every time I see Crazy, Stupid, Love on TV, I end up watching…mostly because of Ryan and Emma! I cannot wait to see this movie!

Related image

Five. A New Year – 2016 will be in the history books in less than two days; it’s crazy to think! I don’t think; for me personally, that 2016 was such a terrible year and I have so much to be thankful for. However, I also have so many wishes and dreams I’m still waiting to have come true and I can’t help but hope that maybe 2017 will be “my” year…

Related image

And – that’s all I’ve got for this final edition of Five on Friday! I’ll be back tomorrow with my 2016 in Review post and I’ll have plenty of picture filled posts about my whirlwind 48 hour visit to NYC after Christmas.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and I wish everyone only the happiest of New Years!

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