Christmas 2016: A Recap

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Christmas has already come and gone – It’s hard to wrap my head around – but I feel this way every year after Christmas; it’s the holiday hangover, the days and weeks that build up to Christmas and then it’s here and it passes so quickly…and leaves a person with that “now what” feeling. Am I the only person who feels that way? Yes? No?

The week leading up to Christmas just seems like it passed in an absolute blur! The Monday before Christmas was like Christmas itself; career Christmas if you will, my boss passed out See’s Chocolates and Visa Gift cards to everyone…before bringing us into the conference room to announce that we were all getting raises! I think we all spent the rest of the work week on Cloud Nine! And he rounded out the day by getting everyone Starbucks during the afternoon lull – Starbucks is always the perfect pick me up, you know? Hands down, it was definitely the least “Monday” Monday that I’ve had in a long time!

I cleaned house on Monday night, watched Christmas movies and snuggled with my sweet puppy dog on Tuesday and Wednesday night(s)…and then Thursday was like another sort of Christmas before the actual Christmas: my little sister arrived home to stay for TWO WEEKS, my friends and I exchanged gifts at the office, and I finally…finally got to go see Rogue One! Seriously – such a wonderful day! And did I mention that my friends are THE BEST at giving gift? They are – I received a framed print of the patent for the baseball, a candle that smells (and sounds) delicious and a ticket to see Live Nation’s Game of Thrones concert in March! Seriously – I have such awesome friends!

Christmas vacation got off to a much sooner start than I’d expected; my boss sent us home at 10:30 on Friday morning (Christmas Eve Eve, you know?) and so I started my week of vacation almost a full day earlier than planned – which was awesome! It meant I was able to join my family for lunch at Sweet Nola’s and also run a couple quick errands with them before spending the evening making our annual batch of Christmas sugar cookies and watching Christmas Vacation.


Cajun for Christmas Eve Eve – yes please!

…as is the usual with Watson, he was only interested while there was food involved. As soon as we started the movie, he was out like a light. He did perk up in time to say “hey” to our family in Mississippi – through the wonders of technology we face-timed with my Mom’s side of the family and even Watson got to waggle a paw at the family; even if he was terribly confused the whole time, ha-ha!


Back to sleep after the phone call…

I woke up on Christmas Eve with a headache – not exactly a gift that anyone wants. We watched Home Alone because somehow, my little sister had NEVER seen it! Can you believe that nonsense? It stands the test of time (in my humble opinion) and I enjoyed it just as much as I did when I was younger. A big chunk of the day was spent cooking goodies for a little Christmas Eve get together and prepping for our Christmas Day feast…and somewhere in there I ended up taking a nap by the light of my Christmas tree in an effort to get rid of my headache.

After attending a rather eventful Christmas Eve service at my parent’s church, our family friends came over to share some Christmas Eve nibbles and play a game of Exploding Kittens – so fun! We ended the evening with our traditional watching of White Christmas – easily the best Christmas movie; there is nothing quite so magical as the final scene, it just gets me right in the feels every time! My little sister and I “played Santa” and stuffed some stockings for my parents and then hit the sack!

Watson was one of the first to explore what his stocking held on Christmas morning – it was filled to the brim with his favorite treats, a new collar and poop bags! Ha-ha! He approved of it all and after sampling a Busy Bone, he laid himself right out alongside his new things and napped! After going through our stockings, we all got ready for church and had a bit of a family photo session before heading out the door…img_5508



After returning from church, we had a delicious Christmas lunch and then the opening of presents began! As always, I was overly and abundantly blessed and I’m so thankful for all the wonderful gifts I received. I do think as I get older, I find it’s true that I get more excited watching my family open the gifts I’ve chosen for them…and this year was no exception. There is such joy in giving! Watson opened his present and then planted himself in between my feet for some of the unwrapping – when he wasn’t watching with slight hesitation (the sound of crumpling paper is not his favorite…) he was fast asleep in his bed, of course!


Once all the presents were open, we all went for a walk – Watson’s favorite part of the day, I’m sure – and then there was some supper/snacking and football. I was in the bed shortly before 9:00 because…did I mention that we had to be up before 3 AM on the 26th to get into DC to catch our train to NYC?

Oh wait – maybe I didn’t mention that part of Lindsey and I’s Christmas gift was a quick 48 hour trip to the Big Apple? Yeah – it definitely was. And it definitely meant getting up well before the crack of dawn on the 26th, so Christmas Day ended earlier than usual. One of the other gifts I am loving…or will be loving in a couple months…tickets to Nationals game(s)! Truly the gift that keeps on giving – right?


Another wonderful Christmas in the books – a wonderful and blessed Christmas, spent with people (and pet) who are so precious to me! I can’t believe it’s another 361 days till we celebrate once again. 361 days and a whole new year ahead and in between – wow.

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