It’s Hard to Believe…

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That a year ago…I’d never had Christmas Tea at the Dorchester…I’d never followed the Royal Guards along the Mews to Buckingham Palace…I’d never watched the London Eye, lit in red and blue, slowly revolving in the night sky…I’d never knocked on Sherlock Holmes’ door…I’d never stared in awe at Westminster Abbey…and I’d never heard the chimes of Big Ben.

Looking back now, I can’t believe that a year ago…I’d never walked in the footsteps of history…across the grounds of the Tower of London…over the vast openness of Salisbury Plains; punctuated by a gigantic stone circle…through the Roman Baths built when London was still part of the Roman Empire (75 AD y’all)…and through the hall and across the vast lawns of castles, scattered across the English countryside…

A year ago, I was only imagining what it would be like to…walk through the gates of castles that have been standing for hundreds…almost a thousand years…stand at the foot of the stage in the theatre created by Shakespeare, on the banks of Thames..and even have a chance to walk through the Bard’s home…spy a streetlight in the gathering dusk and imagine how that same streetlight inspired C.S. Lewis to create a whole new world…gaze in awe of arches, spires and domes in Abbey and Cathedral’s that have witnessed hundreds of years of history…ring in a new year in London…

Just a year ago…I hadn’t seen movie magic before my very eyes…moving staircases, floating candles, a scarlet steam engine that carries you away to another world…and a castle that took my breath away; even though it was a completely different kind of castle…in short, I hadn’t stepped inside the world of Harry Potter.

Just a year ago, I was only days away from embarking on a trip that will forever be lodged in my memories as one of my fondest memories. A trip that couldn’t even really accurately be called a vacation…because it was more of an experience. Just a year ago, I hadn’t yet experienced a dream becoming reality, seeing and doing and being in a place that stole a little part of my heart…

It’s hard to believe – because just a year ago, I hadn’t yet been to London.

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