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Stitch Fix – it’s safe to say I am 100% in love with this service – although calling it a service almost sounds crazy; it’s really more of an experience! Let me get the basics out of the way first; how does Stitch Fix work?

Each fix will cost you a $20 styling fee. Once your fix arrives, you try on the items and decide what will work for you. If you choose to keep anything from your fix, your $20 styling fee is applied to that purchase and if you love all five items and decide to keep them all, not only is your $20 styling fee applied to your purchase, you also get 25% off your total purchase! If you keep all five items, you just pay your tab and set up your next fix. If you only keep a couple things, you pay your tab and return the other items in the Priority mail envelope enclosed with your box. And if you don’t like anything? You’re really only out the $20 styling fee…but you can definitely ask about a replacement fix in the event you hate everything!

The most important thing when returning items – be sure that when you log back into your account and you’re given the opportunity to review each item – review! The more information you provide, the better the feel your stylist will have for what you like and dislike. If you hated something, don’t be afraid to tell them…and if you absolutely loved something but it didn’t quite work out (like me) then tell them that – they may be able to find something similar that will work out for you! I’ve seen the importance of this at work in my own Fixes; I’m on my fourth and they seem to keep getting better!


November Fix – 2016

I wanted to just share a little bit about my two most recent Fixes – I’ve really got to get better about taking pictures of myself in the actual clothes; I just never get around to it or I try on the thing (or things) that don’t look so hot and immediately think “nope – not sharing a picture of this…” and okay; I think we honestly know it’s probably more of the second than the first. I’m working on it – I promise! My November Fix was great – however I only ended up keeping two items; any guesses on which two things I kept?

The Keepers Included…


And I also kept the cutest navy, tan and cream infinity scarf – that I do not have a picture of and could not find a picture of anywhere! While I loved the gray pullover (the material was absolutely so very soft!), Dolman top (in maroon – great color) and the Puffer Vest; I actually have things very similar to each of these pieces, so I chose to send them back.

My most recent Fix though – oh man – hands down my most recent Fix was the best so far!


December Fix – 2016

I opened my December Fix and all I could think was “well if this all fits – I’m in trouble!” I actually ended up keeping FOUR of the five items; the most I’ve kept of any Fix so far! I shared with my wonderful stylist Julie that I’m headed to NYC for a couple days after Christmas and oh my goodness – this Fix delivered on so many levels – it might include most of my wardrobe for the trip! I’ll share a little more about the items I kept after the pictures!

You better believe I kept that crossbody bag – it is the perfect bag for travel! The Octavia “Brooks” Crossbody Bag is made of soft tan leather with zipper accents on the fold over flap and along the bottom of the bag. The best part? The zippers aren’t just for accent; you can tuck things into the little pockets created…the bag hits at just the right length and is large enough to hold the necessary items without being too bulky. You can bet this will be on me when I make my trip to New York next week!

I love the Market & Spruce Elbow Patch Top; it has horizontal stripes in cream and tan with the softest elbow patches, the length is almost tunic-like and the material is so soft! I actually wore it this past weekend and it was wonderful and so cozy! The Brucie Polka Dot Pullover is navy with white polka dots, made of snuggly warm fabric and will look good alone or layered over a button down..and it can be dressed up or dressed down!

Also – a forest green vest? How cute is that? It’s quilted without being too puffy and will be a great layering piece; both as a top layer or under a coat! I have a big black puffer vest and I love the style and look, so I was so happy to see something similar to that – but different. And the forest green quilted vest is proof that sharing your thoughts with your stylist is SO crucial! I mentioned in my November Fix that I already owned a black puffer vest and loved it; which was why I returned the black puffer vest that Stitch Fix sent… Julie heard that and spun it around a bit…with the Market & Spruce Quilted Vest…in forest green! And I loved it…and I kept it!

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So – have I gotten you interested at all? It was on a blog very similar to my own that I discovered Stitch Fix and after hesitating and waiting a couple months, I finally took the plunge and signed up for an account – and I couldn’t be happier! I always look forward to arriving home to find the Stitch Fix box with it’s bright aqua label and opening each Fix is like a mini-Christmas (only FOUR days to go…)

If you’d like to try Stitch Fix, feel free to use my link to sign up! Every time someone signs up with my link, I get a credit to my account – which is awesome! Just think, if you use my link to sign up…you’ll get your own link and perhaps you can persuade someone to sign up too! I can’t wait to see what my January Fix holds and if you try it, I’m sure you’ll feel just the same!

My Stitch Fix Link is:

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