Christmas Tea, Christmas Candy, Christmas Wreaths…

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Isn’t that the most beautiful Christmas candy you’ve ever seen? Trust me; it is, it tastes absolutely divine and when my Mom unearthed a box of it from within a gift she received, I cheered. It is really just that delicious and I may be “eating” a piece of it right now.

The big story from the past week – well; that would basically be that it was COLD. And not in the way that was necessarily fun; there was no snow, but there was ice…nothing so great about that.

My Mom joined me on Tuesday night for Lavish Christmas Tea…which sounds like we had tea that tasted lavish and while the tea was certainly really good; Lavish Sisterhood is what the Women’s Ministry at my church is called and each year they have a Christmas tea. Hence – Lavish Christmas Tea! The food was yummy, the company (for the most part) was delightful and the entertainment was touching, hilarious and it was just an all around enjoyable time!

A group of men from the Men’s Ministry (Warrior Brotherhood) escorted each of the ladies to their seats and each lady was given a red rose! The men served the food too, ha-ha! At the end of the night, we each got to take home our teacup and saucer – and mine actually has a Christmas pattern on it!

The rest of the week – remember I said it was cold? Yep…it was cold… I mean, do you see that my dash said it was 17 outside? That’s pretty nippy…yikes! Also, when it’s 21 but feels like 7?!? Whoosh!

However; I am SO glad that I live in a place where I get to experience all four seasons! Even if that means that Winter actually feels bitter cold at times…and I cannot feel my nose during those times… Watson would agree most of the time, however when I took him out to use the bathroom on Thursday night and the wind kicked up, he pretty quickly tried to make tracks for the house.

I scooted out a work a little early on Friday and raced home to join up with my parents; after a quick stop to check Watson into the kennel for an overnight stay and a not so fast stop to get “fast food” at Rally’s; we were on our way to DC for the night. The traffic was perhaps the worst I’ve seen it so far but somehow we managed to make it to our hotel, check in and grab a cab over to the Kennedy Center before 8:00!


The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts


We saw Handel’s Messiah in the Concert Hall; this was my first time to the Kennedy Center, so once the performance was over we wandered around just a wee bit. I have never seen Messiah performed; of course I know the Hallelujah Chorus, I’ve even sang it in a chorus performance before (some of those soprano notes are HIGH!) but seeing it performed was a unique and different experience. Honestly – the Hallelujah Chorus almost brought me to tears – it was absolutely beautiful!

The Kennedy Center is also absolutely beautiful – and the views from the Kennedy Center are also beautiful; although it was a little bit chilly outside; especially on the water…after dark… Of course, even with the 20 degree temps and the wind, I wanted to be sure to see the view(s) from the ground floor balcony and the very top of the Kennedy Center. So, we did see those views!


After a brisk (and I do mean BRISK!) walk back to the hotel from the Kennedy Center, it was time to get some sleep. And then…the morning dawned gray, with freezing rain and sheets of ice coating all the roads – eek! Our initial plan had been to be at Arlington National Cemetery by 9:00 to place wreaths as part of Wreaths Across America but every weather and news outlet was saying to stay put because there was ice everywhere! A 25 car pile-up on 495; a fire truck sliding off the road en route to a call, it seemed best to wait until the temperatures at least made it to above freezing. So we did.


Freezing my cheeks off…literally….on Friday night!


Around 10:30 we finally set out and every tree branch, leaf and twig…awning, sign and post was covered with a layer of twinkling ice! Happily the roads weren’t so bad and everything was melting, so we slid (not literally, thank goodness) over to Arlington and headed into the cemetery but there were obviously many souls far more brave than we were – 26,000 people had arrived at 9:00 and by the time we arrived around 11:00 – every headstone in Arlington National Cemetery had a wreath placed on it! Sad that I missed out on placing a wreath, but touching to know that no grave was missed and no person forgotten this Christmas!


Wreaths Across America – Saturday, December 17th






Ice + Wreaths = Pretty Picture…Not pretty roads.



Wreaths Across America 2016


The weather changed pretty remarkably as the day passed – we went over to the BX (Base Exchange) at Fort Myer before heading to grab a late lunch at Chuy’s in Fairfax (so delicious, every time). From 11:00 to 1:00, the clouds parted, the sun came out in full force in the midst of a beautiful blue sky and everything melted – it was absolutely crazy! We arrived back home around 2:30 and I walked the dog in short sleeves…seriously. Saturday night was passed eating some delicious potato soup and watching It’s A Wonderful Life!


Potato Soup – Even the pup wants some…of course…


Sunday dawned rainy…and warm. It was a little over 60 degrees outside and the sweater I wore to church almost seemed a little too heavy for the spring like weather. However; as the weather seems to be fond of in these past few days, by the time I came out of church and made it home, the temperature had dropped almost 20 degrees and the wind was whipping around the corners of the house!

After a lazy Sunday afternoon, the family put on some festive duds (sort of – my pants were red!) and went to a Christmas get together at our friends’ house. The food was delicious, the company was wonderful and it was a great cap to a lovely week and weekend! There were also Squeaky snuggles – those are the best!


Be still my heart.


Can y’all believe that Christmas is THIS WEEK? It’s in five days! What in the world?!?

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