Five on Friday

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It’s that time once again – five things that are scooting around in my mind today and have found their way out of my brain and onto this “page”. It’s Friday y’all!

One. It IS Cold – I mean; today is colder than yesterday…but that’s not saying a whole lot because the high yesterday started at a brisk 24 and dropped to 17 by the time I got off work…but the wind chill…the wind chill made it feel absolutely terrible.  So sure; it’s only 19 right now, but there is no wind and that makes a marked difference! My weather app tells me it’s snowing…but I’ve yet to see a single flake.

Image result for frozen gif

Two. Handel’s Messiah – Tonight’s the night; the family (minus one…sigh) is headed into DC to see Handel’s Messiah at the Kennedy Center. I’ve never seen Handel’s Messiah before; of course I know the Hallelujah Chorus and I’ve even sang it in choral performances, but I’m excited to see it performed live. And of course, courtesy of the It’s Christmas Time Again, Charlie Brown, I know that everyone stands for the Hallelujah Chorus! 😉

Image result for handel's messiah

Three. Wreaths Across America – Saturday morning’s activity will be placing wreaths on the graves of veterans buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Wreaths Across America seeks to remember each and every veteran by placing a wreath on each tomb and saying the name of the veteran; so they are honored and remembered. My parents have done this a couple times since moving to the Northern Virginia area; however, this will be my first time. I’m looking forward to it!

Image result for wreaths across america

Four. Weather – I mentioned it’s cold…and Winter Storm Decima is headed right toward the Northern Virginia area. It looks like in the DC area it will mostly be rain (boo) but there might be some ice and snow mixed in as well! As much as I can’t wait to see the season’s first snow, I’m hoping it will hold off so that travel to and from DC won’t be too crazy. Plus – it seems this weather system is more likely to bring ice…not snow. And ice is never fun!

Image result for snow gif

Five. 2016 Meme – Have y’all seen this? These memes about being 100% done with 2016 are popping up everywhere and I can’t help but giggle. I guess between the taxing election season and depressing news pouring in from all corners of the globe…2016 seems like it’s been a long year. I’ll leave you with just a couple of my personal favorites; perhaps they’ll provide a Friday afternoon laugh!

Image result for me at the beginning of 2016 meme

Image result for me at the beginning of 2016 meme

Image result for me at the beginning of 2016 meme

That’s it for this Friday – there are only two Fridays left in 2016 – so if you’re feeling like you could fit into one of the memes above; hang on, 2017 is almost here! And at least it’s Friday, right?


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