The 2016 Christmas Card 

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Who doesn’t love receiving Christmas cards in the mail? I know there are some people who are less than thrilled with all the extra mail but I; for one, absolutely love getting cards in the mail. And I especially love picture Christmas cards…and if there is a letter included, well that’s all for the better in my opinion.

All of my Christmas cards went out earlier this week – so a lot of them should be hitting their designated mailboxes by now. Granted; a few have a little farther to go than others, but I figured I’d go ahead and share this year’s card.

This year’s card are from Vista Print and I could not be more pleased! After last year’s debacle with Wal-Mart’s photo center, I knew where my cards would NOT be coming from. I ordered my cards the week of Cyber Monday and Vista Print was running a special that allowed 50% off all orders made on/before December 4th! Honestly – how can you beat a deal like that?

I shopped around a couple other places but kept returning to Vista Print because the deal was just too good to beat. I like having nice, well made and sturdy cards but I don’t like to (and honestly can’t) fork over a ton of money for Christmas cards! I mean – hello, even once you’ve purchased the cards, you still have to buy stamps! The 50% special at Vista Print allowed me to get 50 Christmas cards with envelopes and personalized stickers to seal them for right at $50! Not bad at all!

The cards are printed on a heavy card stock style paper and I was honestly so tickled with them when they arrived. I’m always a fan of including multiple pictures on my card and I’ve used both staged pictures and random snapshots from the past year – I like both and I like to vary things. The front of my card has ten snapshots from the past year, arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree – so cute, right?

The pictures, starting from the top are: London, England at the start of the year/Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland in May/The Harvest Floral Décor at the Bellagio in October/Watson under the Gingko Trees at the VA State Arboretum in November/My parents and I on Surf Beach in Lompoc, CA in May/Watson scaling a “mountain” of snow in January/Nationals Park in June/Cars Land at California Adventure in May/The Tulip Library in DC in March/Lindsey and I at a Nationals game in May.

The back of the card – well that’s 100% me. I honestly chose the picture on the back of the card on a whim and the more I thought about it, the more I realized it’s a picture that pretty perfectly captures me. I’m just goofy and laid back…and would probably like to be watching a game at Nationals Park most any day of the week, ha-ha! I hope it gives each and every recipient a little giggle too… And of course, I included my very own small “letter” of sorts!


So – there you have it. The 2016 Christmas card! Are you a Christmas card person? Do you love sending out cards, love receiving cards or a little of both?

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