Deck the Halls

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Christmas is just twelve days away – TWELVE. I’ve had my little corner of the universe decked out and decorated for…well…longer than I should probably admit. I thought I’d share some of my decorations today. Nothing fancy and certainly not that “picture perfect” look, but it’s perfect for me.


The Christmas Tree!

Fun Fact – I took that picture over a week ago – and thank goodness. The portion of the tree in between the bottom and second loop of red deco mesh has mysteriously lost it’s twinkling lights. I guess they just went ahead and gave up on life, *sigh*. I thought long and hard about trying to weave another strand of lights in there…but between the dead strand hanging on the tree, the ornaments aplenty and the mesh; I just figured it wasn’t worth it. I’ve been told you can’t even tell…but I know. Oh well.


My Dining Table – Ready for a Christmas Feast!

Of course, it’s just not Christmas without the random odds and ends placed strategically around the house. I’ve come to the realization that I have SO much more Christmas décor than I realized – and I also don’t have a three bedroom house to work with anymore. So sadly, some things ended up staying put in their boxes this year so as not to overwhelm my little one bedroom apartment. My table is set with half of my Christmas china, as well as my white teapot, sugar bowl and creamer…and of course, my fox salt and pepper shakers! Jingle bells on the bedroom door, my favorite “Believe” ornament dangling from a lamp and of course, R2-D2 the cookie jar on the counter!


Gold & Green Trees in the Bedroom


I need some more Christmas cards…ha-ha!

And so – that’s a little peek into my Christmas finery. It’s perfectly wonderful to me and I love each and every special piece. I hope your home and it’s Christmas finery make you feel the warm holiday fuzzies too!




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