Five on Friday

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Y’all – it has been a week. It started off easily enough but I feel like I am just hanging on until 5 o’clock today so I can breathe a sigh of relief. I’m also reminding myself that sometimes weeks like this come along and this too shall pass…but yea…it’s been one of “those” weeks.

Shall we move on to the five things on my mind this Friday? Sounds good to me!

One. Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Coffee – Tis the season…and this stuff is my jam! A box randomly showed up at work one Monday morning and one cup was all it took for me to be hooked. It’s delicious and when you add in just a bit of International Delight’s Frosted Sugar Cookie creamer…you’ve got a Christmas miracle kind of cup of coffee!

Image result for Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Coffee

Two. A Closet – Which I realize might sound weird, but when I moved my bedroom did not originally have a closet. A family friend who is a contractor came in last week and whipped up a wall and slapped a door on it (okay…it was a little bit more involved than that…) and now I have a closet. It still needs a door handle (inquiring about where to find one that matches all the other door handles…) and I need to do some painting, but at least I’m able to sit my things inside it as opposed to in the middle of my room.


Three. Painting – Which is what I’ll be spending some time this weekend doing! I chose a yellow called “Solaria” and I’ll be painting that new wall on Saturday. It will be my accent wall and I can’t wait to get it done, I know it’s going to look great! It’s the perfect color to brighten and lighten my space while also adding a pop of color! I stole a random internet picture of a room painted with Solaria…can’t wait!

Image result for Sherwin Williams Solaria

Four. Christmas Cards – The other thing I’ll be doing this weekend is getting my Christmas cards signed, sealed and delivered to the mailbox to go out! Once I get them sent out, I’ll share the card here. I went with VistaPrint this year and I could not have been more pleased – they turned out great! I’ve got my red and green pens, my manger stamps and my “Natalie & Watson” labels ready to go – time to get these cards out the door and on their way!

Image result for stacks of christmas cards

Five. Westworld – The first season ended last Sunday and I have to say that while I wasn’t sure at first; by the second episode I was hooked and really enjoyed HBO’s newest mind-bending entertainment option. Alas, now the waiting game begins because while the show was renewed for a second season, that second season won’t be here until 2018! I’ll just have to watch the series again before then…and perhaps get my younger sister into it in the process! Anyone else get reeled in by Westworld?

Image result for westworld hbo dolores & william

And that’s all I’ve got for this week’s edition of Five on Friday. I’ll be spending my weekend watching Christmas movies, painting and addressing Christmas cards – all things I’m looking forward to!

Until next post – enjoy your weekend!

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