…Again…All the Pictures…

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Some words though – maybe. I don’t know, I really feel like I’ve been kind of slacking on the posts these past few weeks. I’d love to blame the holiday busyness but that’s honestly not it – I’m not sure if it’s that I’d rather be reading or binging one of the gazillion (maybe it’s only 8 or 10) TV shows that I have gotten myself invested as opposed to sitting in front of the computer?

I’m sure given that I sit in front of a computer at the office during the work week plays into that as well. Although sometimes I do blog from the office and that’s nice – but work seems more hectic lately. I suppose my boss is ramping up for the big finish at the end of the year? Who knows? I’m not sure what the deal is – perhaps I’ll get my mojo back here soon. In the meantime – pictures.


The most wee Charlie Brown Christmas tree, hanging out on my desk.


The fog rolling in on a cool & dreary Monday night…


He always lays under the tree – I think he realizes what a gift he is…

The work week passed pretty quickly and without event; after work each evening was filled with Christmas decorating and catching up on TV shows, nothing too earth shattering. However, with plenty of Christmas activities on the horizon – sometimes doing nothing is just fine.


Temptations at the office…


Relaxing in one of the three (four?) beds he has scattered around the house…


The mantle in all it’s glory…

I scooted out of the office early on Friday – and headed home to join my Mom and road trip just about two hours up the road to Hershey for a weekend of shopping and good eating with some ladies from her church. After everyone arrived, we made the decision to walk over to the brewery right next to the resort…yea, you read that right…ladies from church, going to supper at a brewery. I’d read some rave reviews on Yelp about the food and a couple other ladies looked it up and saw it was highly praised.

The “walk” actually involved scaling our way down the side of a fairly steep hill and I’m fairly certain if anyone saw us they’d have been certain we had no business making our way to a brewery because we already seemed half crazy… Anywho – we all made it down the hill and into the brewery in one piece and while I can’t speak to the taste of the beer(s) offered, the road was absolutely amazing. After stuffing our faces and climbing back up the hill, we chatted a bit and played some games before going to bed…


Troeg Brewing – one of the BEST grilled cheeses I’ve ever eaten.

The theme of Saturday was shop till you drop – although nobody really dropped. I almost completely finished up my shopping for Christmas and picked up some new jeans after realizing both of my favorite pair of jeans were a little more holey than I’d thought. Oops! After snacking for lunch, we went to the World of Chocolate – which is exactly what it sounds like: nothing but chocolate as far as the eye can see… Pretty amazing.


Of course the snowflakes at World of Chocolate are made from Hershey Kisses!


It’s made completely of chocolate. *drool*

After buying all the chocolate…and then some, we went to grab an early supper at The Hershey Pantry. FYI – if you ever find yourself in Hershey, PA – go eat here. The food was absolutely delicious and you will not regret it for even a second. So yummy! The rest of the evening was passed with more games, chatting and watching a Lifetime Christmas movie – although I didn’t actually watch it – because I suppose I’m slightly heartless and just can’t handle the schmaltz of Lifetime and Hallmark movies. *sigh* Every time, they are the same. I’m not knocking you if that’s your thing – but I just cannot, ha-ha!


Christmas Trees at the Hotel Hershey!


I met a life size Hershey bar – what are the odds? Oh wait…


Home of all the chocolate…

After a quick pop in to the Hotel Hershey on Sunday morning, a cruise up the highway home and lunch with some friends, I closed out the weekend washing clothes, being a bum and catching the finale of Westworld.


Cutest little face…

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