Five on Friday

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One of the best days of the week has arrived – let’s say it all together now: FRIDAY! I think when I look at my calendar, what stands out most to me is that there FIVE FRIDAYS left in this year. FIVE. And that’s it folks – 2016 will bow out on a Friday night; just four short weeks from today. Crazy – right?

In the spirit of all things Christmas, I thought for this week’s Five on Friday I’d share five of my favorite Christmas movies. While these aren’t in any specific order; the first three are definitely my MOST favorite…ha-ha!

One. White Christmas – We watch this every year on Christmas Eve and I think this is one of my favorite traditions of the Christmas season; curled up on the couch with my people, munching on Christmas treats and watching this magical movie. There’s just nothing better and they just don’t make movies the way they used to!

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Two. Elf – What can I say? I just absolutely love this goofy and heartwarming movie about the magic of Christmas. Sure Buddy the Elf is a goofball, but he’s also overflowing with the spirit of Christmas and just can’t help but infect everyone he meets on his quest to meet his family. Plus – it spawned some absolutely spectacularly quotable lines: The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear…” I love it.

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Three. A Charlie Brown Christmas – Be still my heart; everything about this movie just makes me so happy. Always down on his luck Charlie Brown finds the true meaning of Christmas, picks the perfect tree – even if it is a bit scrawny – and finally gets a happy ending. Nothing warms my heart more than watching Linus recite the Christmas story and state matter-of-factly at the end “that’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown…” *sigh* Can I go watch it right now?

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Four. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – Nothing makes my Dad laugh so hard as the adventures of Clark Griswald as he strives to create the perfect Christmas for his family. I sometimes think that one of the reasons I love watching this movie so much is just hearing my Dad crack up… This movie provides everything: plenty of comedy, some heartwarming moments and well…some moments that are just completely off the wall. I can’t wait to watch this (probably more than once) this Christmas season!

Image result for National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Gif

Five. Love Actually – How much do I love this movie? It just makes me smile every time I watch it and it also has really excellent music! I recently saw a poll where 80% of people polled thought the “To Me, You Are Perfect” guy was an idiot and he was not charming…but whatever – I love him. Just like I love this movie and have to find time to watch it soon!

Image result for Love Actually Gif

Okay – ! Do you have a favorite Christmas movie? Do you think I left something off the list? I had some honorable mentions in The Holiday and The Family Stone and if I’m being honest, I could probably think up more. I just love a good Christmas movie, don’t you?

Happy Friday everyone – hope you have a lovely weekend! I’ll be living it up in the land of all things chocolate, Hershey!

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